GRE Hell

March 1st-18th, 2017

As I have mentioned before I started researching grad schools. (At least I think I mentioned it. All the weeks are a blur to me.) While I was looking at schools I noticed the GRE score requirements that the graduate schools required for test waivers. I had narrowed down the states I wanted to go to graduate school to eight: Minnesota, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Over half of the list required a PRAXIS test score. Something I don’t have. Or the option of using your GRE score to waive the PRAXIS score. I had taken the GRE before I had come to Taiwan, so I looked up my score and realized it wasn’t high enough. I knew I could get a higher score if I tried again, so I looked up testing centers and booked a test in Taichung.

Two weeks of GRE hell proceeded. Any free time I had I was studying, reviewing, or taking a practice test. At one point I was reviewing math during my lunch break at work. I was determined to get the test scores I needed.

Fast forward to the morning of the test. I checked in at the Dell Language Center and started taking the GRE. I got through the writing portion just fine. Then I got to the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning and a silent “oh shit” came out of my mouth. It was hard. At least I thought it was. I got through the sections and then took a break. I went back and took the rest of the test. I wasn’t very confident by the end of the test. I got my two scores and one of them wasn’t high enough for the PRAXIS waiver. I left the testing center feeling very defeated and hungry.

I held back tears and took the train back to Fengyuan. I got McDonald’s, went home and cried to Alex. Then I went in my room for alone time. I was feeling very sorry for myself. I had just paid a lot of money to take a test then I knew I wasn’t going to do a fabulous job on.

That evening I went and saw Beauty and the Beast with a group of friends. I was feeling a little better and glad that I had the distraction. The movie was great and I got ice cream. Ice cream heals the soul, or at least that is what I always say.

The next day, I was still feeling very disappointed in myself, but I kept going on with grad school searchs. I knew the next step was to look into the PRAXIS. It will be more money and another test, but I am determined to pass and get into graduate school.

Come GRE Hell or PRAXIS high water!