Wisdom Tooth 3.0

February 21st, 2017

Third time’s the charm, right? Or so they say. After my fiasco in December where I showed up to my oral surgeon appointment and they turned me away I rescheduled for January. In January, the morning of my appointment, I had three missed calls from the hospital. The first thought was “Oh for f*cks sake!”. Sure enough, Alice called the hospital for me and they needed to reschedule my appointment…again. Someone had gotten into a terrible car crash and needed to undergo a 6 hour reconstruction surgery. At the time I was really pissed, but I also knew there was nothing I could do. At least it was a valid excuse…this time.

So…fast forward to February. I was so anxious about my appointment. I just wanted them to take my damn teeth out! I had Alice call the Monday before to confirm my appointment. The hospital confirmed it, but they could not make any guarantees that they would actually take a tooth out. That just made me even more anxious!

On Tuesday, I taught my kindy class in the morning and ate lunch. I went over to the hospital and was super early. I handed them my health card and they started speaking a ton of Chinese to me, none of it I understood. I sat down and waited. Not long after I got called in to sit down in one of the dentist’s operation chairs. They had me sign a consent form, so I knew something was going to happen, FINALLY! One of the dentist’s assistants started talking to me about my teeth, saying how they were difficult and he couldn’t guarantee that they would take out two because they normally only take out one at a time. Then, he went on to say that my bottom teeth are really close to a nerve and that there is a small chance they could hit a nerve and the left side of my face would be numb for up to six months. WTF! I was like uhhhhh, okay.

I was left to wait a bit more and then the assistant came back again. He asked me which oral surgeon I wanted to see: the dean or the American one. (The American one was the one who took out my last tooth, illegally, I might add.) I said I didn’t care and soon enough Theon (now I know his name) came over and chatted with me. I said I wanted my top and bottom left teeth out. This is where he spent some time complaining about how difficult my teeth were and that it was going to be difficult for him. (Cue the smallest violin playing the saddest song for this oral surgeon having to do his JOB.) He said we would start with my top left tooth and go from there.

By the time he got my tooth out I had decided I was done for the day. My face was so swollen that my left eye was having trouble closing and I could feel my facing bruising. I can only imagine what my face would have looked like if I had let him take out another tooth. Not to mention that during the operation liquid was just pooling in my mouth because no one was taking care of it and I wasn’t able to swallow it.

I got to see my tooth. It had a 90 degree angled root on it. Whattttt!?!? They sent me on my way even after I complained about not being able to see properly. I was too distracted by my poor vision to be angry, at the time. I got downstairs and tried to read signs, but couldn’t. It was freaking me out so I called Amanda who came over to help me and walk me home. She is seriously the best. At home, I took my drugs, and changed my gauze. While I was changing my gauze a chunk of my wisdom tooth fell out. Yuck!! I freaked out and then proceeded to get myself ready to lie down. Once Amanda made sure I was okay she went home.

I was very swollen that evening and in a bit of pain, but not too bad. Alex and I ate ice cream and watched Sherlock.

The next day I woke up to see a very fat face and some bruising. I looked like someone punched me. I went to 7-11 and the tax office like that, but no one seemed to mind.

I had the day off so I rested and tried to talk as little as possible. Thankfully, the pain was manageable, but the swelling was insane. Smiling hurt, which is such a random thing to complain about. I had a fat face for about a week and a bruised face for two weeks.

I don’t know if I am going to attempt to get my two bottom wisdom teeth out in Taiwan. I am just happy that the top two are out and I can be done with the Fengyuan Hospital Oral Surgeon Department. Good riddens!