Tainan: The Chill City

February 19th, 2017

The days before Amanda would have to leave Taiwan were creeping up faster and faster. I was not looking forward to it. Am I too old to say “NO!” with a pouty face when someone tries to tell me something? Ha!

Unfortunately, a weekend was almost ruined by a mandatory make-up day on Saturday. This day was to make up for a holiday we were getting off on February 27th. I don’t think Taiwan understands that you don’t make-up holidays…you just take them. Anyways!

I was working like crazy with VIPKID after work. I wanted to hit the 45 class mark so I could make some extra cash. That meant anytime I had free time I opened it up on my schedule for a class. I was crazy busy, so once Saturday was finished I was exhausted. I woke up on Sunday morning to teach 5 more classes and then told Amanda I could go to Tainan. I had just worked my butt off for a whole week and I needed to have some fun.

We got to the train station, got tickets with seats (yeah!), and two hours later we found ourselves in oh so warm Tainan. We started walking around and spotting temples to venture into. It isn’t hard in Tainan since there are so many temples everywhere.


We eventually got to Chikhan Tower and the Confucius Temple. We walked around the towers, reading their placards and taking pictures. There are nine stone turtles outside of the towers so we tried to figure out which one was the “wrong” turtle. We couldn’t figure it out. I was completely guessing. We walked across the street and walked through the Confucius Temple. It was just as beautiful as the last time I was there.

Once we finished walking around we waited for the bus. After a bit we figured out that we were on the wrong side of the street! We walked across the street and a bus showed up shortly after. We were on our way to the Anping Old Streets.

We walked around the old streets and ventured around Anping Towers. A lot of the history in Tainan is closely tied to the Dutch occupation which was later turned over to the Japanese. Due to this history the architecture is closely related to Dutch and Japanese culture.

After walking around for a bit Amanda and I were starting to feel hungry. We walked around the old streets trying to spot traditional Taiwanese street food. We had some coffin bread, spring rolls, and fried shrimp wontons. Some of it was good and some of it was just odd. But we still tried it!

We looked at the time and decided it was time to go home. We got on the bus and noticed we could catch an earlier train if traffic wasn’t too bad. Near the end of the route I was practically bouncing in my seat. I was getting ready to run because we were cutting it close. We ran to the station and I asked someone if we could cut. We could see our train from right where we were standing. We grabbed our tickets and raced onto the platform. We jumped onto the train 30 seconds before the door closed. Breathing heavily I smiled with glee. We made it!

I am so glad I went to Tainan and had one last adventure with my friend. Love you, lady! ❤