January 26, 2017

“Do you want to go to Sanyi after work?”, asked Amanda. Such a simple question, yet such a blessing in disguise. Between trying to “do it all” with banquets, work, gym, and the end of the semester I was feeling frazzled. On top my normal schedule I was also working on trying to get employed through a company that teaches ESL students online. My plan was to tutor in my free time and shove some money towards my mountain of student loan debt. I was filling every hour with some kind of busy work and I was tired.

I only had kindy on Thursday, so after work I booked it out of work and quickly got ready to head to Sanyi with Amanda. A short train ride away and we were there. We took a cab to the Sanyi Wood Museum where Amanda guided us up a trail behind the museum. After an annoying amount of stairs we were walking along a small farm with a view of clear skies and mountains in the background.

The thing I love about Amanda is her passion to get outside and just be in nature. I struggle with that constantly. I could easily binge watch Netflix for an entire day while silently berating myself for not going on a run. She got me away from my computer and in an environment where I stopped thinking about work for a couple hours and switched my focus to the present.

After our little hike we took the adventurous route back to the street that sells wood carvings. Amanda bought a present for her parents and then we enjoyed a latte while planning logistics for our upcoming Vietnam trip.


Coffee and a View

Eventually, we walked back to the station, but before we got there Amanda pointed out some stair art. We had a mini photo shoot and then continued on our way. I felt sleepy on the train, but so happy that Amanda invited me along for a much needed little get away.

Back in Fengyuan, it was time to pack for Vietnam!