Taichung Year End Banquet

January 22, 2017

It was my second work banquet in January, but I was very excited and nervous for this one. My area manager had asked me if I would give the English speech on behalf of the Employee of the Year award winners. I agreed and then got to writing. I think I tried to write something serious three different times and kept erasing it because it felt so fake. I am proud of my end result and I felt like it resembled a lot of me and how I felt at the time.

The day of the banquet we took the bus to the Lin Hotel and chatted amongst each other. Once the banquet started the hotel raised the runway and they had us walked down the runway to the front stage to stand for pictures. I made my speech and then after a few more pictures we walked off the stage to go to our seats and enjoy the rest of the banquet.

On behalf of me and all the award recipients I would like to say thank you to everyone at our branches that has supported us and helped us become the successful teachers that you see on this stage today. 

I took a risk coming to Taiwan by myself. I didn’t know anything and sometimes I still feel like I don’t know anything, but I knew one thing, I wanted to travel and become a great teacher. 

Thank you to my branch for supporting me through all of my adventures and helping me grow. It has made coming to Taiwan one of the best risks I have taken. 

Thank you

The speakers were very loud at the banquet, so by the time it was over I was ready to be in a quiet atmosphere. Amanda, Anthony, Kristen, and I walked down the street to the Charlie Brown Cafe. We got our drinks and food and relaxed for awhile. The cafe was super cute and it was quiet!

We left and made our way towards the train station to meet up with Tracy. Amanda was very tired so she went home, and the rest of us went to P-Joe’s Rumpus Room for dinner. Beth, John, and Francois joined us. It was good catching up with everyone. I hadn’t seen Beth and John since I came back from America, so I loved seeing them.

It was too soon and then we left to go home. All of us were pretty tired from the long day. I am still extremely honored that I was considered to make the speech. I am very grateful for all the opportunities that I have been given or been approved of after I requested them. I hope the next work year brings even more opportunities for me.