Snow Mountain (not Marathon) 2017

January 15, 2017

I wish I could say I ran the marathon, but alas I am too lazy for that. Before I left for America I knew I wanted to stay on track with my eating and exercise, so I signed up for a race. I didn’t want to kill myself so I just signed up for a 5K and oh my I am glad I did. I didn’t exercise as much as I thought I would have while I was home, so by the time I arrived back in Taiwan I was in meh physical condition.

After spending all of Saturday in Taipei I wasn’t looking forward to getting up at 6:00am on Sunday, but I did it! I got up, ate something, and drove to Dongshi. There I quickly got ready and handed my bag in. 7:30am rolled around and the group was off. It was a small group of people in the 5K. I was glad to see that my endurance was better than others…even after a month off.

The first half was all at an incline until the half way point then you had to turn around and run back to the finish line. I wasn’t paying attention, so I almost kept running with the 10K group if it wasn’t for an old man watching out for runners. Opps! Running down the incline was much better and by the time I got to the finish line I was so ready to be done. We had some cold weather with a drizzle. For awhile there I could see my breath it was so cold.

I got a big bag of goodies, did a little stretching, then I was on my way home for a nice warm shower. img_2824