Grandma’s Love

December 24-29, 2016

I was back in South Dakota and ready for the holidays. There were lots of family members to see in a short period of time.

First, my immediate family and I had a family dinner at Minerva’s in Watertown on the 23rd. I finally met my brother’s girlfriend, Erin. They had started dating after I left for Taiwan, so it was good to match a name with a face. I could also give them some goodies. That morning I made five batches of Puppy Chow. Nom nom nom!


On the 24th we drove to North Dakota. On the way we stopped at the nursing home to see my Aunt Resa. I hadn’t seen her for awhile and was shocked at how much the dementia had started to affect her. It was so very painful and I cried a bit, but I am glad I went to see her. She deserves to see family even if she can’t always remember if we were there. We left and went to my grandma’s house, changed, and went to church. I didn’t know that my grandparents were on a weight loss/life style change so when I saw them I was so surprised. They had both dropped a little more than 40 pounds, each! They rock!

The next day was Christmas and it was raining! Despite the road conditions everyone still came over to eat food, open presents, and visit. They weren’t there long though. Everyone was back on the road headed home because the weather was only getting worse.

The ice storm caused the power to go out for 3 hours. We were very lucky it wasn’t anymore than that. My parents ended up staying an extra day because of the road conditions. I still stayed a few more days to spend some one-on-one time with my grandma. That was the best decision I could have ever made! I loved spending time with her and really did not want to leave. I will always cherish that time with my grandma.

We had several heart to hearts and chats about life. I feel like the older I get the more I appreciate my grandma and her ability to be so honest with me. I hate the distance between us, but I know she is always there caring for me. It is a grandma’s love that I don’t deserve, but I am so happy that I get.