Back to 10,000 Lakes

December 20-22, 2016

I was back in cold, cold Minnesota and it was time to see my friends from college. I first met up with Kris in Mall of America. We had never met before besides some conversations on Facetime. It was so weird finally meeting Alfredo’s husband, but yet it was so perfect. We talked like we had known each other for years. I instantly loved him. We had lunch together and did a little shopping, then I dropped him off at the airport so he could fly to Florida and see Alfredo. I can’t wait to hang out with them when we can all three be together.

Once I dropped Kris off I went to meet Bre for coffee. She was amazing and beautiful as ever. A lot of things had changed for both of us so it was a lot to catch up on. I am so proud of everything she has accomplished since college. The time went by too fast and soon I had to drive up to Saint Cloud.

I was meeting Judy and Lucille at the White Horse for dinner. I got a pleasant surprise when I showed up and there was Jane, my old boss from the Women’s Center. We all had a nice chat, but then Lucille and Judy had to leave. Jane and I stayed to finish our food and talk. It was amazing! I loved every second of catching up with her. It reminded me how lucky I am to have such a great former boss. Jane even gave me a Christmas present; a hat the Women’s Center is selling that says “feminist” on it. I loved it and it was very useful later in the month. Eventually we said goodbye and I drove over to Emily and Matt’s apartment. They were letting me stay with them while I was in Saint Cloud. It was so chill to just hang out with them and make fun of Matt for watching Gilmore Girls.

The next day Emily and I went shopping in the morning. She had just gotten her wisdom teeth out the day before so after a little bit I suggested we go back home and just rest. We both ended up taking a nap and then I went to meet my friend Shane at the Local Blend in Saint Joseph. Wow! I hadn’t been in St. Joe in years. It was great being there and seeing Shane. We did some more catching up over coffee and then said goodbye. I was really happy to see him doing so well. Back at Matt and Emily’s we relaxed and then went to the movie “Sing”. It was a super cute movie and I stuffed my face on freshly made doughnuts. Yum!

The next morning I had to say goodbye. I was going to miss those two! I drove up to Brown’s Valley and saw my other former boss, Tina. It was the first time I was seeing her after her surgery and her lose of mobility. She now uses a wheelchair every day. It was very different from how I am used to seeing her, but I am so proud of her. She is strong as f*ck and she never quits. It was so good seeing her, Mama Klempke, and her dad. As always I couldn’t leave without her giving me some things. She keeps taking care of me even after all this time. I had to leave and I really didn’t want to. Leaving Tina meant I was leaving Minnesota and all the people I love. I drove back home and ended my Minnesota tour.

Later on I realized I hadn’t taken many pictures while I was in Minnesota. I wish I had, but it doesn’t matter because my time there with the people I love will always be cherished. I am so grateful to have friends that keep me around, even if I am not physically there. Love you all!