Will & Grace Reunite

December 15-19, 2016

Just a 3 hour flight and I was in Florida. I walked out and Alfredo was running late, as usual, but when he pulled up we gave each other the biggest hug. Will & Grace were back together again! I may have teared up a bit… Alfredo took me to a really popular place in Tampa called Bar Taco. The food was delicious and it had a unique atmosphere. Once we were done with dinner we stopped for ice cream and then hung out at his place.


The next morning we ate breakfast and went to the University of South Florida. That is where Alfredo works. While he was at work I was going to check out the campus. First, I had a campus tour at 10am. It was the basic stuff you would get on a campus tour, but it made me feel kind of old because all the prospective students were seniors in high school and I definitely was not.

Afterwards I hung out and then went to lunch with Alfredo in a dining hall on campus. Oh to be eating college food again. After lunch Alfredo had to go back to work and I had a meeting with the director of the grad TEFL program at USF. We talked about my work, if I qualified for the program, and how I could get a teaching certificate in the state of Florida. I enjoyed the chat with him and he really put me at ease about my chances of getting into the program there. With all my meetings finished I read my book in a hammock by the little “beach” USF made.


Alfredo messaged me to go to his office, but then we ended up playing Pokemon Go with his boss for almost an hour. What are the odds! Alfredo and I went home and he made us supper. He made spaghetti with gluten free noodles and they all broke apart. What the heck! After dinner we went to World of Beer and had a beer with some of his co-workers. They were all really nice and seemed very chill. I was so happy to see Alfredo in a good environment with a good job and co-workers. We said goodbye and went to rest up before our big day at DisneyWorld!


We got up bright and early and drove to DisneyWorld. When Alfredo said we should go there I thought it was totally overrated, but I was mistaken. I had a great day! We were crazy and went to all four parks: Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and ended the day at Magic Kingdom. We only went to a few of the rides at every park. I wasn’t sure if each thing would be worth the wait, but it really was. Throughout the day we met Elsa, Anna, and Ariel. I couldn’t wait to show my students pictures of Elsa and Anna…they were going to freak. We saw a Beauty and the Beast show, Fantasma show, and a Bugs Life show. They, of course, were all really great too. By the end of the day we were exhausted. We didn’t leave the park until midnight, so by the time we got back to the car it was almost 1:00am. I tried my best to stay awake on the way home but failed epically. Sorry Alfredo! (kiss kiss) It was an absolutely magical day.


The next day we slept in for a long time. Eventually we got dressed and went to a late lunch. We ate until we were stuffed. The food was so good and the wait staff were all super cute. After that we went to the boardwalk by the bay and walked for a bit until the Christmas Light Boat Show started. We met up with Alfredo’s co-workers again and just sat and chatted. They were fun to talk to and they called me out on already throwing sass….opps. Back at Alfredo’s we just chilled and watched the movie “Barry” while we did work on our computers.


Monday was my last day and I wasn’t looking forward to leaving. I had had such a great time with Alfredo and I didn’t want to be away from him again. He had to go to work, so I sat around reading my book until I had another grad meeting. This time I was meeting the Master Art of Teaching department counselor. She gave me a layout of what the program would be like every semester. It was intense! I only talked to her for about 30 minutes, but that was enough time to make me feel super overwhelmed. While I waited for Alfredo I read, or at least tried but ended up just Googling information about becoming a Florida resident so I could get in-state tuition. I met with Alfredo for lunch at the dining hall again and then I went shopping. I needed to pick-up some gifts for teachers and some jeans. I went back to Alfredo’s to pack-up my bags and then I went to pick him up. Kris was coming to Florida the next day so he needed to get a haircut. The guy took a super long time so by the time we got out we had a little time to eat Chipotle and then he had to take me to the airport. I was sad to leave Alfredo, but I knew we would see each other again. I have never had a friendship quite like ours. No matter where we are in the world or what we are doing I will always be there for him. Thank you for the great trip, Will. I love you.