November 19th, 24th, & 26th, 2016

Thanksgiving is one of my top 5 favorite holidays, so when I found out that I would have not one, two, but three this year I was pumped.

The first Thanksgiving I was invited to was the President’s Thanksgiving Banquet that was hosted by my company up in Taipei. The invite only goes out to Head Native Speaking Teachers and Native Speaking Teachers (me) who have contributed in their area. I assumed I got invited because of all the extra trainings I had done in my area. Either way it was really awesome that I got invited.

Alex and I took the HSR together because she was going home to visit her family for the holidays. In Taipei, I enjoyed some Krispy Kreme and then had a lovely evening at the banquet. The food was good and I had good conversation at my table. Then one of the Main Office workers put on some hilarious entertainment for us. I even won a raffle prize, VR Glasses that I am still unsure how to use. Once the banquet was over we all took the HSR back to Taichung and then my bosses gave me a ride home. The evening was intimidating for me, but I ended up having a lot of fun.


On actual Thanksgiving day, Amanda, Anthony, and I went to Uptowner in Taichung for a Thanksgiving meal. It was delicious! To add on top of the yummy food we also got hot apple cider and pumpkin pie. My stomach was feeling like it would have if it was Thanksgiving back home, very full.



On Saturday, Laura and Sean hosted Friendsgiving at their place. I got to hangout with people I hadn’t seen for awhile and eat good food. We ended up playing Cards Against Humanity, which is always a hoot with that group. Throughout the evening I had drunk a whole bottle of wine by myself (opps…can I pull out the sorry, not sorry here?), so I spent the night. In the morning, I was sent home with almost an entire pumpkin pie (thank you, Sean!) and a happy heart.


Thanksgiving comes with many negative historical facts about how badly immigrants treated Native Americans even after their kind hospitality. I know that that happened, and I also know that my family never partook in that history. So I want to still remain thankful, but also aware of the history at the same time. I can’t help but get sentimental around this time of year. This will be my third Thanksgiving away from home, and I didn’t feel sad this year. I have my wonderful, supportive friends to thank for that. They have been my family away from home, and without them I just wouldn’t be as happy. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!