DYACO Taichung Marathon 2016

November 6, 2016

I was so happy with the outcome of my first race in Kaohsiung that I knew I wanted to sign-up for another one. This time I found a race right in Taichung. I signed up for the 9K and asked Conor if he would want to join me as well. He signed up for the Half Marathon and we made a plan for the weekend.

But before the race could even get here I had one mishap happen after another. First, I went to Japan, which isn’t really a mishap, but rather a whole week of me not running. When I got back from Japan I got back into my routine, but with some reluctance from my body. Then two weeks before my race I started having problems with my breathing. I started taking cold medicine, but it didn’t seem to help at all. Then I ran into some more trouble. I was out running early one Saturday morning. My goal was to run 4.5 miles, but around 2 miles my knee started hurting. I tried to walk it off, but when I attempted to run again it continued to bother me. I had to walk 2 miles back to my apartment. It was like the runners version of the walk of shame. I went to see Arasan and a doctor. Both of them said I would be okay, but I needed to rest. I also got medicine for my acute bronchitis. Two weeks before my race and I was put on strict orders to rest. I may have cried a few times…I was so bummed out. I had been working and preparing so much for this race, and I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to run it.

I started doing light weights, a lot of stretching, and yoga. That helped sooo much! The week before my race I attempted one mile and then two miles on the treadmill. My knee was holding up, so I figured I would try to run on race day.

Conor came back to Fengyuan the night before the race. We had a nice time catching up and chatting about everything. We attempted to get some sleep before our early morning wake-up call. I was waking up almost every hour, so when 4am rolled around I was up and ready to go. We ate a little and then headed into Taichung.


The warm-up was like doing Zumba, but in the dark.

By the time we got to the Taichung City Government building it was still dark. The warm-up for the race took place in the dark, but the sun came up soon after. Conor started first, so I said good luck and waited for my turn. There were soooo many people there. I later found out that there were about 4,000 people signed up for just the 9K. That seems absolutely nuts to me.

6:35am finally rolled around and I was off. Overall, the race was fun and I felt really good. I was able to run almost the entire time. There was a bridge that I walked up and also near the end I was walking and running quite frequently due to the traffic lights changing. I was also impressed with my pace, despite the fact that I hadn’t been able to run much at all in the last two weeks. I wasn’t a huge fan of how many people were there. I was constantly surrounded by people.

I ended my 9K in an hour and ten minutes. I was in the first 25% of my division to finish. So around 500 out of 2,000. Not bad for my terrible training beforehand. Even a Taiwanese woman, who wanted to take a picture with me, told me good job. Haha!

Once I was finished I stretched and waited for Conor. He showed up after he finished and after a bit we left and went to The Uptowner for a celebratory meal. I got so much food, so I was so full. My stomach was very content.


We went out to Tunghi University and walked around. We went and looked at the Luce Chapel and the dairy cows on the campus. I had been there previously, so it was to show Conor around. We walked back to my scooter and then made the drive back to the apartment.


After showers, we started watching ‘The Crown’, but didn’t last very long before we both passed out and took some well deserved naps.

Later we said our goodbyes. I had dinner plans with Alex, Amanda, and her co-worker David and his girlfriend Amber. Conor was going to meet up with his old language exchange partner.

It was so good seeing Conor! And I couldn’t be more proud of my body for hanging tough through all of the ups and downs of the last month.

Until the next race!