Halloween 2016

October 28-30, 2016

Another year had passed by in no time and it was time for Halloween again. I was super lazy with my costume this year. I just bought a skeleton shirt and leggings set from H&M. With a little make-up I was looking scary enough to freak the kids out.

My class was so cute and they did a great job listening to me as we were walking around to different businesses nearby the school. This year we played games and did a little face painting. I love showing the kids how fun Halloween can be. Although they will never be able to experience the full affect of walking around in the dark, knocking on strangers doors and asking for candy. And if you are from the Midwest then maybe you have a layer of clothes on underneath your costume because it is cold already. BRRR!

My friends and I didn’t dress-up over the weekend. Instead, we spent our Saturday at the Compass Fest in Taichung. It had finally cooled down a bit so I was loving the cool breeze, drinks and good company.


Amanda, Me, and Beth

On Sunday, I took the train up to Taipei to see a Taiwanese friend from SJPrep, Ralph. It had been almost 7 years since I had last seen him! It was great to just hangout and talk. I got to hear about his time in college and then back in Taiwan. He had started up a hedge fund with some business partners, so he has been very busy with that. I talked about working in Taiwan and traveling. We had an interesting conversation about Taiwan and I was surprised at how critical he was about his country. We spent several hours chatting at the restaurant, but I never got a picture of us together. I did get a picture of my delicious meal..haha. My priorities are not on point.


Teaching Halloween to my students and seeing Ralph was a good reminder of how ready I was to go home. I have started counting down the days and I am so excited! As of today only 32 more days and I will be back at home!