Monkey Majik

October 15, 2016

Not even a week back from Japan and I was off to go to a concert in Taipei. I had agreed to go to this concert months in advance, but now that is was actually here I was too tired to make the effort to go up to Taipei. Alex was backing out because she needed to work on her grad school applications, so I debated whether or not to go. All of Friday night I went back and forth until Kristen agreed to go with me.

On Saturday, we took the train up to Taipei and went to the ATT 4 Fun Box office near Taipei 101. I had never been there before so it was really strange going up the escalator, through a mall, and then to be escorted into a performance hall. We were on the 8th floor of the building….isn’t that a little unsafe? I digress.

The band, Monkey Majik, is from Japan. They have been around for about 16 years. The band is a combination of two brothers from Canada, and the rest of the band members are Japanese. They sang for almost two hours and did a little bit of chatting with the crowd.

I had never heard their music before, so it was interesting to hear their different styles throughout the concert. They showed off the etiquette of a Japanese band, and since I had just gotten back from Japan it made sense why they were being so polite in certain aspects of the concert. I felt a little silly though. Because I was so new to the music I was just swaying along to the beat most of the time; while the die-hard fans were jumping, screaming, and singing their hearts out. I guess you get that at every concert though.

By the end of the concert I was ready to sit down. My legs were killing me! (I had ran four miles earlier in the morning because I was training for another race.)

When the concert was over we chatted with Anthony for a little bit, and attempted to wait for Veronica, but she was in-line to meet the band members and it was taking too long. Kristen and I headed to the train station and spent a long time waiting for a bus. All the trains had stopped after 6:00pm due to the new train stations that were opening the following morning. Finally, on the bus, I passed out. We arrived in Taichung and took a cab home. I think I got home at midnight.

It had been a longggg day for me, but now I can say I have been to a concert in Taiwan. 😛