September 15-18, 2016

It was Moon Festival again in Taiwan and I was excited to get out of Fengyuan and head to the East coast. This year we got two days off of work making it a four-day weekend. I invited along my new co-worker, Amanda, and she quickly agreed.

Of course, since it was a holiday the trains were packed, so we headed out to Yilan with no seats and a four-hour ride. The train was fine since we found a decent place to stand. This poor kid’s mother made him talk to us for a good chunk of time. He was cool and I felt bad; he was so nervous.

In Yilan, we headed on another train toward Waiao, checked in, and spent the rest of the day walking around. There was a typhoon headed towards Taiwan, so part of the day was a little drizzly, but besides that it was nice out. Eventually, Amanda’s friend, Kyle, arrived and we went to a nearby town for beer. Waiao is so small that there isn’t even a 7-eleven. How was I going to survive?!? We jokingly did a 7 “pub crawl” meeting up with a guy named, Roy, that was also staying at our hostel. We made our way back to Waiao and went to a place called Drifters. They sell craft beer and brick-oven pizza; both were super good. We ended our random evening by the ocean, walking along the beach.

The next morning, I woke up and spent most of my time on the “patio” area that faced the ocean, just eating breakfast and chatting with people who were staying at my hostel. I was pretty impressed with how many cool people were staying there and how social they were. You don’t always get that in hostels.


Later in the afternoon a group of us called a cab and took it out to Wu Feng Chi Waterfall. The path up to the waterfall was actually closed off, but there were a bunch of people that were ignoring the sign and just walking up to it anyways. Because of how windy the weather was (thanks to the stupid typhoon) I was practically being blown away and getting very wet. I did eventually walk into the waterfall pool, but didn’t last very long because I was so cold.

We went back to the hostel and just hung out. I took a much needed shower and met back up with Amanda and Kyle. We were going to head to Drifters again for round two. Although the evening didn’t end with us in the ocean because the coast guard had put a ban on entering the beach.

The entire day of Saturday was a lazy day. The typhoon was officially coming by and it was raining and windy the entire day. Thankfully it wasn’t a bad typhoon, but it still sucked that we couldn’t go to the beach.


Typhoon Waters

That evening one of the hostel workers offered to drive a group of us to a famous, local restaurant in Toucheng. It was literally called Erupting Volcano Chicken and it was soooo good. By far one of the best meals I have had in Taiwan, including all of the sides.


Sorry Mr. Chicken, but you tasted delicious!

Back at the hostel we continued our movie day into the night.

It was Sunday and I was sad to go. I had really liked hanging out with the people at my hostel and I had really enjoyed getting to know Amanda and Kyle. Unfortunately, all three of us needed to get back home so we could prepare ourselves for the week. We said goodbye to our friends, and enjoyed one last meal in Yilan before heading home.


Last morning with a view