My Golden Birthday

June 25, 2016

With the added stress of moving to a new apartment I went from not excited at all about my birthday to super excited. It was my night to “drink to forget”. I wasn’t actually going to drink that much, but I was ready to be away from the realities of moving and responsibilities.

This years’ birthday was really special to me. I was turning 25, my Golden Birthday!

Despite my birthday being on a Saturday I had to spend most of the day at work because it was Performance Day at my school. Unlike last year, which felt like utter chaos, this year went smoothly and was not stressful at all. My students did a great job during their English performance and I was so proud of them. We had a good time chilling in the backstage room, and my HRT bought me a birthday cake and all of the kids sang “Happy Birthday” to me.



Once Performance Day was over we all went home to shower and go out for the evening. We took the bus into Taichung and met at T.G.I. Fridays for dinner. Conor, Alex, Gavin, Anthony, Kristen, Sean, Laura, and I all enjoyed fun drinks and delicious burgers. My stomach was very pleased. Anthony, good for his word, bought me a birthday shot. We took a shot of Patron Silver Tequila, which I later joked “tastes like college”.


With full bellies we all walked next door to LeBleDor. We were seated at a super long table with hallowed out wine barrel chairs. At LBD (my nickname for the place because I can’t pronounce the French name) we got beers and settled down with good conversation. We ended up getting free appetizers because we drank so much beer. With all our drinks in hand we enjoyed a mini magic show. It was quite good. At one point the magician had Gavin hold a foam sponge rabbit and it doubled inside his hand, and then he had Alex and I hold the rabbits in our hand. We felt something warm and opened our hands to see baby rabbit sponges in our hands. I’m terrible at catching onto magic tricks, so I thought it was great and very entertaining.



Foam rabbit babies are coming alive underneath our fingertips!

Everyone seemed to be having a good time. Sean, Sharlin, and Charlie joined us at LBD as well. Near the middle of the evening the servers brought out a cake with candles, and a Mario hat for me to wear. I was really surprised and then super excited because Anthony had secretly planned it. The cake was ice cream, which I had been tricked into sharing with Anthony. Earlier that week he had asked me about birthday traditions that I had back home and I told him that every year my mom always made me a homemade ice cream cake.

I was sooo happy. A few times that night everyone was grouped together having their own mini-conversations. All my friends had huge smiles on their faces and were laughing. I couldn’t have been any happier with how the evening turned out.


Soon enough it was time to go home. Sean called us a cab and we all hopped in.

Usually, I am not a fan of my birthday because everyone forgets or it is during the summer so everyone is busy, BUT this year really topped the cake for me. All my dear friends were there and we all got to enjoy good company, good food, and many laughs.

Cheers to 25! I am now a quarter of a century old!

Post Birthday Gifts: Kristen, Anthony, and Alex all know the way to my heart…food!