Firefly Surprise

May 29, 2016

I got my own birthday surprise on a late Sunday evening. While I was at the gym I received a phone call from Arasan, my Japanese massage therapist. He asked where I was and when I said I wasn’t home he asked when I would be home, and I replied 10:00pm. He said he was going to stop by with an early birthday present for me. Veryyyyy confused, I finished up at the gym and went home.

When Arasan pulled up on his scooter he pulled out an empty Sprite bottle with holes punched in it and a plant inside. My first thought was, “did he just bring me a plant at 10 o’clock at night?!”. That was not the case. He cupped his hands around the bottle and all of a sudden lights started flying around it. Fireflies!

I was JUST telling someone how much I missed Minnesota summers and here I had a little bit of it as an early birthday present. Apparently, Arasan caught them while he was in the mountains earlier that day. I don’t know why he thought of me, but I am glad he did. He is a very kind man and I really appreciate that he is one of the people I have met in Taiwan.

I spent a good 45 minutes in my dark bedroom just watching the fireflies fly around. It was amazing! One of the best birthday presents I have ever received!