210 Days!

May 2016

I wouldn’t say this month has been the most challenging of them all, but it has taken a different turn in my lifestyle change journey. My co-worker and friend, Conor, asked if I wanted to sign-up for a race. I agreed thinking about how this could be my next challenge. Oh my was I correct about it being a challenge. I didn’t want to sign-up for the 4.5K, but I was also intimidated by the 11.5k race. I went for it and chose the 11.5k race, and then regretted it once I started training. Everything was going fine until I had a boxing class where the instructor had us do lunges for 6 minutes. My long run that Saturday was supposed to be 7 miles and I called it quits at 5. After that I attempted to jog that 6th mile and then was just finished. I felt so defeated and had to do a runner’s walk of shame home. The following week I reassessed my workouts, swapped boxing for yoga class, and had a GREAT last long run of 7 miles. Exactly where I needed to be before the race. It is amazing what a little sleep schedule change and some extra stretching can do for you! I had to adjust my work-out schedule and my eating habits. I was finding myself really hungry, so I just gave into the cravings and ate. BUT unlike how I was eating to full capacity and beyond before I started my lifestyle change this time I was listening to when my body was full. I also drank water and then drank some more water. Even when I didn’t feel thirsty I drank some more.


When I did my monthly weigh-in I discovered that I had gained a pound in fat, but I wasn’t sweating it. I knew I would run it off and slow down on grain-like carbs after the race. It was nice to have carbs galore in my diet, but I started feeling sluggish. I immediately stopped feeling like that when I quite carbs, so I am convinced there is a connection.

My race in Kaohsiung went well. I was so happy after I finished it. I actually did it! It was a great accomplishment and I can’t wait to sign-up for my next race (after the summer heat is over, of course).


  1. Ate a lot without guilt.
  2. Had a bad run, but bounced back!
  3. Ran 7 miles, strong!
  4. Bought new workout pants and bras that fit.
  5. Received my Victoria Secret order from the states and everything fit so well.
  6. Ran 12k in the Kaohsiung Love Public Marathon!

Post-race joy!