Temples & Salsa

April 23 & 30th, 2016

I have been feeling really off the past two weeks. Between my schedule flip-flopping at work and worrying about money, it was really throwing me off. In hopes of boosting my mood I decided to do something for myself on the weekends that would fit within my budget.

The first Saturday was spent at Alfredo’s for Kristen’s 32nd birthday. We all enjoyed yummy pasta. She was later surprised with two cakes while all of us sang ‘Happy Birthday’. Kristen has been like an older sister to me, so it was great to see her having a good time.


Cheers to the birthday lady!

The next day I spent some time wandering around the Taichung Confucius Temple and Baojue Temple. I have driven by the Confucius temple so many times and have never checked it out. It was a good sized temple with lovely interior. The Baojue temple is famous for the giant, golden Buddha outside of it. It was something cheerful to look at on a nice, sunny day. After I finished my mini-temple tour I tried to find H&M in SOGO before realizing it wasn’t in that department store. I was really hungry by this time, so I thought it was the perfect time to check-out Hungry Jacob. HJ is a restaurant in Taichung that is famous for its’ burgers. They are pretty legit. I had the classic American burger that had bacon on it. Yummm! With a full belly I went to Decathlon and bought some new running clothes and then hustled through Costco. I spent most of my day in Taichung, but it was nice just doing things by myself.


I survived the next week, surprisingly. My Friday ended really badly. I found out that I lost a private class about 5 minutes after it was supposed to start. I had been working with this student for a year, and it ended as quickly as it had started. I was very upset by this news and how disrespectfully it had been given to me. I went to bed feeling defeated.

I woke up the next morning at 5:00am and went for a 6-mile run. I was trying my best to train for a race I had signed up for. Later that evening I went into Taichung with Kristen and attended a salsa night event. A group of people take a salsa class once a week and then the instructors through a salsa party once a month in the Tempus Hotel. Anyone can come, but you can tell who takes the salsa class and who does not (aka me! ha). I danced 3 times and it was a lot of fun. One of the guys I danced with was an instructor and he was like, just dance. I’m like uhhhh okay. I was being twirled around and whisked around the dance floor. It was awesome! Kristen got a free glass of wine and people sang because they were celebrating April birthdays. It was cute. 🙂 After the salsa night we went with Sharlin, Charlie and their friends to a restaurant/bar a few blocks away. There we enjoyed food and beer until it was time to leave. The night out was exactly what I needed to boost my mood and get me out of my funk. I just had to wait a few more days and then it would be pay day!