180 Days!

April 18, 2016

I am six months into my lifestyle change! Wow! I can’t believe I made it this far. I still have some progress to make, but it feels great to have gotten to this point.

Joining a new gym and being able to lift weights has made a difference in my workout programs. I am still trying to figure out what the heck I am even doing. I am not very consistent on my routine. I just kind of make sure that I do some cardio and weights. I would really like to get more organized and follow more of a structured routine when it comes to lifting weights. That is my goal for the following month.


I’m shamelessly in love with this picture. 

This month felt kind of tough. I had a lot of routine changes happen. I went to Brunei for a short time and then work was different. I still made it to the gym, but it seemed more difficult. For awhile there I felt hungry all the time. I couldn’t figure out if my body really did need more food or if I was just dehydrated. That has been rough. I realized I needed to focus on feeding myself filling, nutrious food that would last longer and be better for me.

I also realized that I need to build up a tougher skin. Some co-workers were making comments about my food or how I don’t eat enough, or making jokes that I don’t eat a lot of carbs anymore. This made me really upset actually. I do eat carbs, I just choose not to eat a lot of simple carbs and have swaped them for complex carbs. I also eat! I kind of felt like I was being judged instead of being supported. Alex made the comment that I will forever get comments, if it isn’t in Taiwan from co-workers, it will be from someone else. She is right. I need to start taking comments like that with a grain of salt because I do know what I am doing and I AM feeding myself. This lifestyle change has been good for me and I need to keep going, despite the negativity.

Another hard thing for me this month was going through my clothes. I know, I know. I should be happy about that. I was happy about how many clothes don’t fit anymore so I could get rid of them. What made me really sad was going through my bras. I used to be a 38D, so all my bras were from Victoria Secret because they fit the best. They were also not cheap. It made me really sad, but it needed to be done. I went to a bra shop in Fengyuan and got two new bras for work. Thankfully, I had already replaced my sports bras so I was good on those. I spent the money and ordered two more bras and some underwear off of the Victoria Secret website. My mom should be sending them to me soon.


The Mountain


  1. Went through all of my clothes. A majority of them do not fit.
  2. Bought new running shoes. (I put some miles on the old ones!)
  3. Treated myself to new bras and underwear (my Victoria Secret package is on its way)
  4. My cup size changed from a 38D to a 36C.
  5. My weight remained the same, but I increased my muscle mass and decreased my fat.

Aren’t they pretty?



The top picture is this month and the bottom picture is last month. 

Keeping my focus on more progress for the next month!