German Beer & Fengjia

April 17, 2016

After getting back from Brunei I swear all hell broke loose in my apartment and at work. I had to deal with mold in my apartment and then deal with a completely different kindy schedule at work due to a government inspection. Long story short, I couldn’t work in the morning for a week. This was a huge annoyance! All the teachers need to make up those lost hours and not everyone can make-up their own class. Through Steve’s magical scheduling skills he figured out how we can make-up classes. This means that until June I am doing double-kindy on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Something I am NOT used to doing.

I think dealing with all of the mold also got me sick, or the kids did. Either way by the middle of the week I messaged Anthony and said I wanted to see him, a beer, and a pizza/burger all in the same room. He suggested we go to a German beer bar in Fengjia on Saturday night. I agreed.

I got a headcold, so Saturday morning I messaged Anthony and said that I should probably opt out of the evening and just stay home and rest. He insisted that I come out. It didn’t take much to convince me, so I went home and immediately took a lot of vitamins, cold medicine, and even took a solid two-hour nap. I woke up feeling a bit better. I was however blowing into a tissue every other minute, attractive, I know.

I took the train down to Taiyuan and Anthony picked me up. We took a cab to Fengjia. When we arrived at the bar they told us all the tables were reserved, so we just chilled near the bar area. Anthony’s co-workers arrived so we were all enjoying a beer and just chatting when all of a sudden this video of this couple started playing on the projector screen and people started slowly walking in with roses. I realized about a minute or two later that someone was being, slowly, proposed to. I was sooo excited! I think I was more excited than the actual couple. I was taking pictures and snapchatting the whole thing. Eventually, a guy comes in with his nice suit jacket on and is holding a big bouquet of roses and walks over to the chick. She says yes and we all cheer. I think our group was the loudest in the entire bar. It was great!


Here he is!

We all ordered food and more beer. It was just a really great night. Good company and good beer. Later on in the evening we paid our bill and left. We were in Fengjia so they have a lot of food stalls open until late in the evening, so I ended up getting a Nutella banana crepe at 12:30am. YES! Anthony, his co-worker, and I all hoped into a cab. They got dropped off first and then I went the rest of the way to Fengyuan.

It was a great night! I really needed to just get out of Fengyuan, away from work and my apartment. Like I said, good beer and good company. 🙂