Spring Cleaning

April 6-12th, 2016

At the beginning of April there are two national holidays in Taiwan: Children’s Day & Tomb Sweeping Day. Our school got both days off and me being the traveler I am took advantage of the long weekend. Before I had gone on my one-month vacation I had booked a flight to Brunei. It wasn’t until a couple days before I left for Brunei that it hit me that I was going there, so I was doing a ton of last minute cleaning and packing.

I had a great time in Brunei, but while I was in the airport I got a message from Alex saying that we had mold everywhere in our apartment. I didn’t get home until 1:30am on a Tuesday and had to work that Wednesday morning. When I got back from work that evening I was looking through all my stuff in the attic and around the apartment and confirmed my worst fears.

There was mold everywhere. On my purses, shoes, backpacks, suitcases, etc. Even some boxes that were just sitting in our attic had mold growing on them. Our couches had mold growing on parts of them because they are leather. Pretty much think of a place and object in an apartment and it probably has mold on it. I spent the next week super-cleaning and throwing out stuff.

The very first thing I did was go out and buy a dehumidifier. They are not cheap! I was raging the entire time because I was so mad that I had to buy an expensive dehumidifier. The rage hit an all time high when I got to my scooter and realized the box was too big for my scooter well. UGH! I had to take it out of the box, lay the box down, and then try to nicely shove the dehumidifier in place. I am sure anyone that was witnessing this event take place was having a great laugh. I officially became THAT person when I drove away leaving my styrofoam and plastic in a cart in the parking lot.


I safely got the dehumidifier home. Although I was not a fan of the price (7,000NT) and paying for it, it really has helped the apartment stay dry.

After that I went into cleaning mode. I spent all Thursday evening going through all of my clothes. I needed to do this anyways. I had lost 25 lbs. and not a lot of my clothes properly fit anymore. I ended up with a huge pile, so on Friday night I spent the time taking pictures and posting them online in hopes to sell some of them. I went through my shoes as well. I had two bags of clothes and two bags of shoes ready to donate.


The Mountain

That weekend I went into super cleaning and decluttering mode. I went through everything that I own and every drawer checking for mold. I washed a lot of shoes, bags, cltohes, etc. White vinegar and soap have become my best friends. I was exhausted by Sunday evening, but a lot of stuff was clean and I had went into Taichung and sold old electronics. Old stuff was out of my life!

So maybe having a mold infestation in my apartment was good for me? I organized my life and finally got rid of clothes that don’t fit. Don’t get me wrong though I definitely did a lot of b*tching and complaining. Now, Alex and I are that much more prepared to handle the humidity in Taiwan.