Back into the Swing of Things

March 2016

It is the last week of March and I feel like I should probably do a small re-cap on what the heck I have been doing for the past month. It hasn’t been nothing, but it hasn’t been too much.

Right off the bat I got back into running and then got sick thanks to the kids at work. I had to say goodbye to my friend, Wendy, who left for a 2 year working holiday visa in the UK. Although I was very sad to say goodbye, I knew it wouldn’t be for forever.


Ahhh! She has a knife!

I finally made the leap and bought a brand new phone. It was an expensive purchase, but I don’t regret it for a second. I’m loving my new iPhone 6s.

The most important thing was getting back into teaching mode again. I didn’t want to come back from vacation and be really relaxed with my students. I wanted to enforce my routines so that they wouldn’t get too out of control. I think going on vacation was really good for me. I have enjoyed my classes much more. Especially the little ones! Their English improves everyday and I love hearing all the new, fun things they say.

I went ahead and purchased new glasses. My prescription had only changed in my left eye, but I needed smaller glasses. My face had slimmed down so my old glasses were overpowering on my face.

Alex’s childhood friend, Alena, of nearly 20 years came to Taiwan to see her. She stayed with us for a week and it was fun to have an extra person around the apartment to chat with or show around Fengyuan. Unfortunately, it was raining the entire week she was here. Everywhere else she went in Taiwan was nice and dry.


After a very cold scooter trip they tried warming up with hot water.

One weekend, I went out to support my three students during their Storytelling competition. I had helped them create their stories and practice them. None of them got through to the next round, but I was still a proud teacher. Anthony and I went out to dinner that evening at Alfredo’s. It is located in the same restaurant that Anita’s Cantina used to be in before they relocated to Taitung. The pasta was delicious. The best I have had since I came to Taiwan. I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture because I was too busy enjoying it.


Pictured left to right: Me, Natalie, Yvonne, David, Tr. Coleen, Director Patricia

Another weekend, I went and had dinner with Laura and Sean. It was a much needed catch-up since we hadn’t met-up since I had returned from vacation. At Wendy’s going away party Laura disclosed to us that Sean finally popped the question! Between trying to start up a new shop for the baking business and going over wedding plans they haven’t had a bunch of free time. I am so happy for them and proud of the achievements they have made with their baking business. Laura also fed me well with not one, but TWO, slices of orange brownie cheesecake. Yum!

I signed up for a new gym. I am now committed to one, whole year at the MB Fitness Gym at the top of the SOGO in Fengyuan. (At that point in the month I just wondered if money was this arbitrary thing that I had heard of, but never actually had.) Everyone that works at the gym is really friendly and helpful. I had my training session with a personal trainer, Sandy, who helped me with back workouts. She was super knowledgeable and gave me a lot of good pointers.

I had a random work opportunity pop-up. My friend from training, Oliver, messaged me about doing voice-recording for an English language learner app. I agreed to do it and see if I liked it. I had to take the train down to Yuanlin, but the recording experience was super cool. I had to speak so slowly that it ended up being harder than I expected. The man who created the app also wanted me to correct grammar mistakes in his script. I know I teach English, but I don’t think I am the best at teaching difficult grammar, so this made me a little nervous. Despite the little struggles that I had he said he would get in contact with me for another session in a month.


If it wasn’t hard enough getting back into the swing of things after a month of vacation; I made it even harder for myself. I was spending the long weekend at the beginning of April in Brunei, so I was scrambling to get things done and get my bag packed before I headed out again.

Busy, busy, busy with projects, as always.