Happy Easter!

March 27, 2016

Easter is the third big holiday in my family. The second year around in Taiwan I noticed a pattern of getting really homesick around Thanksgiving, being just homesick around Christmas, and then being completely fine after the New Year. My third wave of homesickness comes around Easter. It isn’t quite as bad, but I miss my family a lot the weekend of Easter.

This year, Alex invited me to church. Every Sunday, she goes to church at Morrison Academy down in Taichung area. On Easter Sunday, her church has brunch and then service. She said I was more than welcome and I agreed to come along. It seemed very natural to be going to church on Easter Sunday and having a good meal with supportive people. That is what I would have done at home and I figured it would help buffer some of the homesickness.

The night before I had gone to KTV with friends and then chatted with my mom, grandma and grandpa. They were talking about food that they were making and it was making me really jealous. Easter morning, Alex and I woke up early to be at church by 9:00am. We had a delicious brunch catered by Finga’s. I had heard of the place before, so getting to try out their food was cool. I met some of Alex’s friends she had made through the church and re-connected with a former co-worker, Bennetti. It was nice to finally put a name with a face since I had heard so many stories about the people Alex went to lunch with after the service. After the meal, we went outside and soaked in the sun while we watched the kids have a little Easter egg hunt. Back inside we sat through the service and then it was done. The service was much different than what I had experienced before. I was raised in the Catholic Church, so the service has different components than a Protestant service.

We said our goodbyes and drove over to See’s Candies. I wasn’t around for Valentine’s Day so we weren’t able to make a trip then so we were going for Easter instead. We both bought our chocolate and drove home.


I changed and met up with Kristen. We went to the gym to workout and then I went home, ate a snack, then Alex and I were out the door for a hike. Normally, I would never do anything as absurd as run 3 miles and then hike for an hour, but I wanted to get ready for a trek in June that I was planning (which later fell through). The weather was too nice to pass up a walk outside.


Easter just isn’t the same when I am not with my family, but this years’ Easter was a good one; despite being away from home.