120 Days!

End of February

After my 90 day check-in I went on vacation for a month. Before I went on my trip I was starting to get really nervous about eating at restaurants every day and the possibility of gaining weight. At first I was going to be very strict about eating, but the first day in Sri Lanka involved a lot of curry, beer, and yummy snacks. I knew that if I wanted to fully enjoy eating authentic food while on my trip then I was going to need to let go. If I gained a few pounds, that’s okay! At least I know I enjoyed my eating experience instead of letting it make me miserable. I wouldn’t call myself a foodie, but eating local food while I am on vacation is very important to me. I have also made it a habit to indulge in American fast food that I can’t get in Taiwan, for example: Dairy Queen, Burger King, etc. Once I got past my guilt point I happily enjoyed plates of Sri Lankan curry, fried Burmese street food, and plates upon plates of Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice.


I let myself indulge in a few alcoholic beverages.

I did do a weigh-in. The hostel I was staying at just happened to have a scale. To my disappointment I had gained 2lbs. (5lbs. if we are talking about a food baby I had). I know, I know. Two pounds is not the end of the world, and it wasn’t. Kristen and Laura reminded me that I would easily lose that as soon as I came back and started running again. (Yeah, they are the best, I know.)They are right! I know they are right, but convincing myself to listen to them was really hard. To me, gaining two pounds meant falling down a slippery slope of weight gain. I had so painstakingly climbed myself up towards weight lose peak and I didn’t want to fall back down. (In my head losing weight is like climbing up a mountain. One annoying or exhilarating step at a time.) I didn’t fall down the slope. Instead, I just stayed as active as possible so I could balance out the food I was eating versus the calories I was burning. I had the occasional urge to run, but I never acted upon it. Vacation!

Without dredging on about how I became okay with eating as I was on vacation. Here are my 120 day highlights:

  1. Able to buy smaller clothes!
  2. Walked as much as I could and refused all the taxi offers (besides the one day when it was 100F outside)
  3. Got 10,000 steps almost every day.
  4. Felt great about my body.
  5. Lovingly fed my body the food it wanted.
  6. Logged into MyFitnessPal for 130 days!

Enjoying curry in SL