90 Day Check-In

December 2015-January 2016

I am on my third month of my lifestyle change. I feel great! Everything from my eating to my exercising seems much more routine. I am no longer stressing over what I am eating. Instead, I have started listening to my body and feeding it the proper nutrition it needs. For example, I got out of class the other day and knew that I needed a piece of fruit or vegetable. I ate an apple and I immediately felt better. I feel kind of silly for rolling my eyes at all the stuff I learned in health class wayyy back in junior high because now I have been taking it to heart. Opps! I suppose in this situation it is better late than never.

I think one of the best parts about this whole process is all the support my close friends and my mom have given me. They root me on and call me skinny. It has been such a long time since I have heard my name, my body, and skinny all in the same sentence. Even after I eat Nutella out of the jar my friends just tell me it is okay and that it is one day out of many. They are right! It is one day out of several days where I have been exercising and eating right. It won’t kill me.

I am leaving for a month long vacation on January 28th. I am so so so excited, but also ready for a challenge. I need to walk as much as I eat to maintain my current weight. Challenge accepted!


Do I see muscles???


  1. Felt strong, energetic, and powerful through an entire boxing class.
  2. Rang in 2016 19 lbs lighter!
  3. Bicycled around Sun Moon Lake, 19 miles (29km) with my friends.
  4. Ran 7K! (so close to 10K)
  5. Then ran a 10K a week later!
  6. More people started noticing that I have lost weight.
  7. I thought I looked fabulous on my period (I have NEVER thought that before).
  8. I bought a Fitbit to join the competitions my friends have.
  9. Then got my Fitbit and realized I need to walk more. Haha!
  10. My hairdresser, Candy, Google translated “lose weight become beautiful”. The ultimate compliment from a Taiwanese person!

All smiles before day 90!

Just like any month of my life there are always ups and downs. But if I can manage to run a 10K and still eat chocolate almost every day then I must be doing something right.

I am still a little scared for eating choices on my vacation, but I am ready for the challenge!