A Visit from Friends

January 6-7, 2016

My college friends, Andhi and Tina, were in Taiwan for a wedding, so they messaged me and we set-up a plan to spend a day together around Sun Moon Lake. I had already had my immediate family members visit me but no friends had come to Taiwan yet. I was super psyched to see them!

Wednesday evening I drove to Taichung after work and we had dinner at Chun Shui Tang. I believe I screamed a little bit when I saw them, and then ran and tackled hugged them. A Taiwanese friend, Johnson, joined us and we had dinner and Taiwanese Honey Cake.


The next morning, I met Andhi and Tina at their hotel and we took the bus to Sun Moon Lake. That was my fourth time going to the lake so I left all the options on what to do up to them. I was just there to spend time with my friends. When we got to the lake we opted out of renting scooters and instead rented bicycles for the day. The woman looked at us as if we were crazy when we talked about biking around the entire lake.


Off we go!

Hmmmm maybe we were a little crazy. The ride around the lake is not flat by any means and the bike path does not wrap around the whole lake. At some points, maybe several, I got off my bike and just walked it up a hill. We had beautiful weather though! Sunny all day and when it did get cloudy and misty it never started to rain. By the time we got three fourths around the lake it was very foggy, which made the lake look epic as the sun went down.

I had forgotten how goofy these two were, and hadn’t realized how much Andhi liked taking pictures. We were constantly stopping for a photo opportunity. Oh Andhi!

We got all the way around Sun Moon Lake 29KM (19 miles) and took the bus back to Taichung. In Taichung, we went to Mode Mall to meet with some other old friends of Andhi’s for dinner. It was a good meal after bicycling so much. It was also very scary watching Andhi eat so much food. His stomach didn’t explode, which was a huge surprise to us all.


New Friends & Old Friends

It came to the part of the evening where I had to say goodbye. I had not seen them for two years and I did not know when I was going to see them next. What I do know was that it was so great having them here. The pain I felt in my legs the next day was just a great reminder of the fun we had. I wish them both the best of luck in their future endeavors and hope to see them again soon.