Christmas in Kenting

December 24-27, 2015

Last year I had a very sad Christmas. I worked all day and then had a Thai dinner with a few of my friends. It was a terrible time of homesickness and this year I wanted to be somewhere sunny and cheerful.

With the suggestion my counselor gave me I proposed to all my friends that we spend Christmas weekend in Kenting. Our jobs had given us Christmas day off, leaving us with more time to spend on the beach. Kristen and I left right away after a work gift-exchange.


A local train, HSR train to Zuoying (790NT, 26USD), Kenting Express Bus (690NT/round trip, 23USD) and 4 hours of travel time later we were in Kenting and pitching a tent in the dark. We were very proud of ourselves for being able to do it all by ourselves.


We walked through the Kenting Street Night Market and then ate our Christmas Eve dinner of Thai food.


We had plenty of lounge time before our friends, Conor and Vivian, arrived later that night. We managed to pitch 3 tents in the dark that day.

The next morning we got up, ate breakfast, and went to the beach. Not even 30 minutes after we sat down it started to rain. Thankfully we had rented an umbrella, table, and chairs, so we just waited out the rain. It was a relaxing day at the beach. For dinner we enjoyed Mexican food. What is more classic than having a burrito and margarita for Christmas dinner? With plenty of time to kill we went back to our campground, took showers, and went back out to walk around the night market again. I really wanted to go to a bar and have a few drinks. We all enjoyed a drink together, but then Kristen and I ended up staying out together while the other two went back. What a night! We met two guys, one from China and one from New Jersey. By the end of the night we were practically best friends with the owners of the bar. We drank wayyyy too much, but got home just fine.

The next day Kristen and I were so hungover. We didn’t go hiking with Vivian and Conor because there was no way that we would have made it up the mountain. We eventually went back to the beach and hung out with Robert, our new friend from China, ate some brick-oven pizza from a truck, and then watched movies at Robert’s hotel. It was another relaxing day, but probably could have been better with a happy head and stomach.

The morning we left Kenting it was hot and sunny out. Go figure! We enjoyed a big breakfast before packing our bags and heading back to Fengyuan. I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxing weekend in Kenting. I think I have now found a cure to holiday homesickness; a little dose of sunshine and beach.