Christmas Work Parties

December 12 & 19, 2015

I thought by moving to Taiwan I wouldn’t go to any holiday parties and festivities, but I was wrong. I like Christmas, but this year it was a little more hectic with work Christmas parties.

The first one was a teacher Christmas party hosted by the company I work for. It was hosted at Gordon Biersch, a restaurant in Taichung that has overpriced American food. The food was excellent, but we got a set list of entrees and only one plate of each item was brought to a table for 8 people. I was content with the amount of food I ate, but for my taller male friends it was not enough food whatsoever.


Enjoying ribs for the first time in 1.5 years!

After the weird dinner experience a group of us grabbed Coldstone Ice Cream and walked to Anita’s Cantina for their last night of business in Taichung. We were all sad that they were leaving, but glad to have one last night of margaritas on the rocks.


All of the group at Anita’s!

Some of the group dispersed and went home, but the few of us that were slightly intoxicated stayed out. We walked to a bar called Simba and enjoyed another round of drinks before calling it a night and taking a cab home.


The following weekend I had a Christmas party at the Kindergarten. We did a variety of things. The kids performed two songs for the parents. My class only had a week to prepare and you can only imagine how terrified a group of 3-year-olds get when they can all see their parents staring at them! Once the dreaded performance was finished we went into the classroom and enjoyed cookie decorating, lunch, and opening presents.


The master decorators at work.

My class was great and I really enjoyed talking to the parents that could speak English to me. I even dressed up like Santa and look a lot of pictures with all the kids in the school. My face hurt so much afterwards.

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas because I am in Taiwan, and there is no snow, but I enjoy the little moments of Christmas celebration that I do get to partake in. (No matter how stressful they sometimes may be.)