Health and Lifestyle Change

October 20, 2015 – December 20, 2015

In September and October I wrote about the doctor’s visits I was making due to stomach pains and issues. The medicine they prescribed to me really helped along with some dietary changes. I was eating bland food and cutting down on coffee, but I still had super low energy and just felt out of shape all of the time. The last check-in I had with the doctor involved him telling me to drink less numerous times (because all foreigners are alcoholics apparently) and then some weird comment about my weight. I believe the exact quote was “lose weight, feel better”.

I have worked really hard to love my body and how I look despite all the media that I see, but that comment from the doctor immediately had me on the defensive. I didn’t really have the guts to be like, “hey! You calling me fat!”. I kept on eating as the doctor prescribed and walking after work.

Then…I read a post on my friend’s blog: Weight Loss for the Lazy

Shout out to my friend, Irene, for being awesome and sass-tastic! She really wants to help people be their very best. I’m so proud of her. Go check-out her website and the link above!

I have read this post so many times because she really puts an emphasis on how you need to be committed and she doesn’t call it a diet. Also, I think it is so awesome that my friend worked that hard to get what she wanted, a healthier life style. I don’t know if it was one of those, “well if she can do it, I can do it” or a “Just do it, Vanessa!” moment, but I decided to take the leap.

What an interesting up and down 60 days it has been. Like my friend suggested I started counting calories, paying attention to the food I eat, and bought a food scale. I decided to add exercise to my plan in hopes of getting back into shape. I started Couch to 5k. Although I am a very slow runner I am over halfway through the program and can run a 3k on the treadmill without feeling like I am going to die.

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to write about this journey, but I have had so many small, awesome, and rewarding moments happen that I wanted to share but felt they were too small and silly to write about. (Until my friend said that I should write about it on my blog) I figured if I really want to practice loving my body no matter what then I shouldn’t be scared to show everyone that I have loved my body at all weights and stages.

I told my friend I no longer wanted to be the fat, low-energy, American teacher at my school, and I am making leaps and bounds to get there.

Rewarding Moments:

  1. Lost 10 lbs. in my first 30 days
  2. Secretaries at my school asked if I lost weight
  3. All my clothes are feeling loose
  4. Bought a workout tank in size Medium
  5. Took out my winter clothes and they are loose too
  6. Pair of shorts I bought in Hong Kong fit perfectly and aren’t killing me when I sit down
  7. Started enjoying my food instead of inhaling it
  8. Told more friends and now have a great support system
  9. Lost 7 lbs. in my second 30 days (Lost 17 lbs. Total)
  10. Ran 3.6K! (Updated: finished the program and ran a 5K before Christmas)

I feel like there are so many other small things I could talk about with this journey, but I won’t. I just had to get very realistic with myself and be honest about what I was scared of. I am taking a one-month vacation in February and don’t want to lose all the progress that I have made. I also don’t want to be anxious every time I go out to eat. My life seems to be one learning process after another and I guess this is just another one. I haven’t done anything drastic like give up chocolate and Starbucks treats, but I have adjusted other food choices I make to create room for the new life change I have made.

If you have also decided to make a life style change and become a healthier you, remember, I’m rooting for you!



Rockin’ my bikini body in Kenting for Christmas 2015!