Holiday Card 2015

December 2015

I will admit that I really like doing…I wouldn’t call it nerdy…but maybe crafty things. I swear it is almost my hobby to come up with some new thing I can do in my life.

Last year I sent out a holiday postcard of a collage of pictures from my short time in Taiwan. This year I am sending out a postcard of one picture from each of the countries I traveled to this year. I feel like it is kind of a way for me to brag and say “Hey! Look at all the stuff I did!”, but I don’t care. I want to connect in small ways with my loved ones back home and share my adventures with them.

Here it is!

To the Kennedys

If you are like me and like making holiday cards, then happy card-making! Otherwise, Happy New Year from me! May 2016 be filled with so many awesome happenings!

Love, Vanessa