Hsinchu Christmas Market

December 5, 2015

A co-worker at my branch, Gavin, told me about a Christmas Market up in Hsinchu. He invited me to the event on Facebook and I decided to go. I am always up for some holiday cheer.

Saturday morning, Kristen, Conor, and I took the train up to Hsinchu with Gavin and Michaela coming shortly afterwards. We met Conor’s friends at the train station and took a taxi to the event. This is when the day kind of divulged into one weird event after the other. We took a taxi to the event but it wasn’t in a park. It was in an apartment complex area, but in the area where the pool is, but with no water in it. There were booths around the pool and there weren’t any places to sit so you really could only sit on the edge of the pool. We had some spiked hot chocolate and South African food, but that was it. I think the oddest thing about the event was all the alcohol you could buy. If I had gone to this event before I decided to eat better and drink less I would have been in heaven, but that was not the case. I did get to buy some bible verse cards for Alex.


We were sitting along the pool edge and just when we were about to leave I got smacked in the face by a soccer ball that some kids were playing with in the empty pool. I was pissed! I yelled at the kids and then started to walk out of the event.

Kristen and I walked with Gavin, Michaela and their two friends to their apartment and then to a day market. The market was actually very nice, but I was not in a good mood after getting hit and then having a headache the rest of the day.

Eventually Kristen and I left and took the train back home. We met up with Caitlin and Alex for a Thai dinner and then Caitlin, Alex, and I drove to Taichung to go see Mockingjay Part 2. We were giggling fools by the time we got there. We had gotten lost, my phone had died, and Caitlin was navigating with Alex’s phone while I drove. Thankfully Caitlin’s boyfriend helped get tickets and popcorn treats for us and then we saw the movie.

Although the beginning of the day was strange and involved me getting hit, the rest of the day turned around with a good meal and silly laughs with friends.