Hosting Thanksgiving

November 28, 2015

If I had to pick my favorite holiday it would be Thanksgiving. The previous year I went up to Taipei to throw together some food for a little Thanksgiving. This year I convinced Alex that we should host Thanksgiving at our apartment for our friends.

The best description of this event is: SO. MUCH. FOOD!

We invited 15 people to our dinner and it was way more work then I thought it would originally be. The week before the dinner we were moving around our furniture, one of us was always cooking when we got home from work, making several trips to the grocery stores, driving to Costco, and cleaning.

Our friends were great and brought more food than we would ever need. (Leftovers for daysss)

I had a little too much to drink so I was kind of sleepy during the party, but all of our friends had a great time and our work friends even brought their baby daughter. It was also our friend Anthony’s 30th birthday so we had birthday cake too!

All-in-all I was so happy to get to eat Thanksgiving food and share the holiday cheer with our friends, but I think we have learned our lesson about hosting larger parties. Keep it simple!