Halloween 2015

October 29 and 31, 2015

The school I work at has a Halloween week every year. This was my second time teaching Halloween with my kindergarten class and it was a blast! I made my costume this year: Black Widow Spider and I felt like a teacher rock star. Everyone wanted a picture of me and I got a lot of side glances when I was walking down the street.

The best part about trick-or-treating was how well-behaved my students were. They were asking me a ton of questions and just pointing to stuff in the convenience store and saying the English name. At one point one of my students pointed to the alcohol and asked, “Tr. Vanessa, what is that?”. I replied, “Adult juice” and one of the moms replied, “Water”. HAHA!

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On Halloween Day, I went to a birthday party for my friend’s Teresa, Wendy, and Alec. Laura made a bunch of baked goods so I indulged in a lot of sugar and alcohol. It wasn’t a costume party but it was still fun to be with a lot of my friends, especially outside of work.