Taichung Pride 2015

October 3rd & 4th, 2015

I was very fortunate to have a short work week due to Typhoon Dujuan. The week before I started solidifying my plans to take off a month of work in February to go travel. After one signs another year long contract with HESS they are given a one month vacation to take within the following year. I now qualify for that one-month vacation and plan to use it! I was having complications getting a substitute teacher for one week of classes and it was really starting to frustrate me. By the time Saturday rolled around I was welcoming it with open arms.

Alex was going to Japan for the week and had an early flight, so I drove her to the Taichung HSR station at 5:30am. I was going to go to Costco afterwards, but had plenty of time to kill before it opened at 10:00am. Originally, I was going to hangout at Starbucks, but ended up being so early that I had to walk around Wenxin Forest Park until it opened. I had a Starbucks breakfast and then Face-timed my friend, Dustin, from back home for a few hours. It was so nice talking to him, but I had to let him go so I could beat the weekend crowds. I spent an hour and a half at Decathlon and Costco. I was grateful when I finally got out of there and was on my way back home.

That afternoon I met up with Kristen, Caitlin, and Conor to go to the Taichung Pride event down in People’s Park. We took the bus down to Taichung, but it didn’t take us all the way to where we needed to go. When the bus turned around we got off and just walked the rest of the way there. The main area of People’s Park was filled with LGBT couples. It was great! Everyone looked so comfortable and I was so excited to be at an event that I would have gone to in the United States. We bought some pride stuff and jewelry and hung out around the park area until we met up with Caitlin’s friends that live in Taichung. The event ended promptly at 6:oopm. We joked about how mellow the event was compared to what a pride event would have been like in the states.

Following the pride event we walked to a restaurant, Salut, to watch a live music event. A friend of Caitlin’s was performing, so we got seats, ordered pizza and watched the show. They sang a lot of songs that are on my iTunes playlist so I was loving it. I had gotten only four hours of sleep so I was really tired. We left a lot earlier than I would have normally. We took a cab home and ended a good day in Taichung.

Sunday morning, Kristen and I went to a new coffee shop in Fengyuan for brunch. (By the time we made it there it was actually lunch…opps) I ordered their secret latte, which was amazing, and some sandwiches. Kristen and I got time to talk about our trips and what we were planning. She was going to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam in November. I had already been to all three so it was fun to hear what she was planning.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing, cleaning, and making veggie pot pie. Kristen and Gavin came over for dinner and I served them my veggie pot pie and apple crisp. Kristen and I talked about what we could do on our Penghu trip coming up the following weekend. Eventually we commenced the lounge session and got ready for Monday.

Another good weekend in the books.