September 26th-29th, 2015

I was looking forward to a much wanted three day weekend. Due to Teacher’s Day and Moon Festival we got a day off from school. I had plans to relax, hangout with friends, and do day trips.

Saturday, my roommate Alex and I spent the day lounging and baking. I made broccoli quiche and banana bread. They were both very good.


We were invited to a pizza night at Andre’s house, so we headed over there. Andre lives in the outer part of Fengyuan that neither Alex or I are familiar with. We spent almost an hour driving around trying to find Andre’s house. After all the confusion we spent the rest of the evening making homemade pizzas and chatting with Alex’s co-workers.

Sunday, we headed out in the morning to meet up with our friend’s Sean and Laura (plus Taffy the dog) to make a day-trip to Daan. Daan has a coastal area with beaches, fishing ports, and plenty of wind turbines. We made it there within an hour but the drive was rough. There was a typhoon coming and we weren’t prepared for the wind we were fighting against. At the beach it was even worse. I wanted to take pictures of the sand storm that we could see on the beach but I was too afraid of sand getting into my new camera. The water felt delightful though! We spent a few hours hanging around the beach before we decided to go home and barbecue. We drove back to Sean and Laura’s apartment and got everything ready to grill. We had a great meal of meat, veggies, and garlic bread. Alex and I hung around for awhile but then decided to make our way back. Although I had rinsed off at their apartment I still felt pretty grimy from the beach.

The wind started getting worse Sunday evening. By the time Monday morning had come Typhoon Dujuan had arrived. It was windy and rainy the whole day. No matter where I was in the apartment I heard howling. The typhoon officially ruined Alex and I’s day trip, so I took full advantage of the day inside by reading books and watching Netflix. I made dinner for Alex and I. It was quiet for a couple hours, but sadly only because we were in the eye of the typhoon. By the evening school had been cancelled for Tuesday because the typhoon wasn’t over yet. I swapped snow days for typhoon days! haha I got the worst sleep that night because the typhoon started up again around 1:00am and I couldn’t fall asleep until 3:00am because it was so loud.


Tuesday, typhoon day, I slept in and then went to the store. While I was driving around outside I saw why we had gotten a day off from school. There were tree branches and debris everywhere. I wished I hadn’t left the apartment. Also, to my dismay the entire vegetable section was sold out in the grocery store. I bought what I could and went home to relax some more. That evening Alex made dinner and we just hung out.

It had been a great couple of typhoon days. We got to relax and cook. It was hard going back to work the next day, but I appreciated the three-day work week. Still….can typhoon season be over yet??