House/Club Party

April 25, 2015


My dear friends Laura and Sean recently decided it was time to find a different apartment and move. In Taiwan, apartment real-estate moves so quickly that if you want an apartment you really don’t start looking until about a month or two weeks before you are prepared to move and start paying rent. They were able to find an apartment in less than a month and move in. They threw a small house warming party with myself, Kristen, and two CTs from their branch Wendy and Teresa. While sipping wine Wendy did all the ladies nails. She is currently practicing for her nail care test coming up in June. We all enjoyed a delicious meal and had a great chat.

Kristen and I were planning on going to the club afterwards and everyone decided to join us (yay!). At 12:30am we made our way to X-Cube. At the door Laura realized she had forgotten her ID and the bouncer wouldn’t let us in, so we made our way to 18TC where we got in. Cover charge: 300NT (10USD) with two drink stubs.

We had a fun time dancing and hanging out with each other. BUT there is one thing I can’t help but write about in the observations I have noticed in men at Taiwanese clubs.

Types of Males at Taiwanese Clubs:

1. The Dancer

This male foreigner does not give a f*ck who is in his way. He is going to dance his booty off with anyone, or if no one will join him…himself. He also may happen to own a business and start drunkenly handing out his business cards. Thank you sir for your entertaining services.

2. The Prowler

This guy just stands on the sidelines and stares until he sees someone he wants to dance with and then he pounces. Not only does it make me feel extremely uncomfortable, the staring makes me feel like a piece of meat.

3. The Guider

When this guy drinks he can become controlling. He will either try to guide the way you dance, not in the good way, and try to lead you away from your friends. If you are a fella like this, please stop! I want to feel safe and that often means being in eye sight and arm lengths from my friends. You don’t need to guide a girl away from her friends, join them. They are probably fun!

4. The Seeker

This male foreigner is usually seeking an Asian companion, male or female. The stereotype that all white, single males who come to Asia have an Asian fetish comes alive in the clubs. Alcohol does interesting tricks and often just reinforces the stereotypes we have about each other. You see this guy bouncing around from one Asian chick to the next, making sure to chat them all up.

5. The Bartender

Not the actual bartender. I’m talking about the guy that makes friends (or enemies) by buying his newly found friends drinks. If you hangout with “the bartender” at a club you will never find your hand without an alcoholic beverage. While this can be a perk it can also be dangerous. What if the drink is spiked? What if I have a low alcohol tolerance? This person doesn’t know how much I have had to drink all evening. Be careful around “the bartender”.

6. The Rich Man

If you go to a nicer club you will for sure see this man in the reserved or VIP sections sipping on his champagne with his honey. He probably rolled up to the club in a very nice car too. Due to their wealth, these guys are older and I often wonder why they even want to come to a club in the first place.

7. The Smoker

Almost all Taiwanese clubs allow smoking inside. You better believe how much you will reek when you get home. This man will be lighting up every fifteen minutes, enjoying his drink, drag, and blaring club music.

8. The Club Rat

You will see this guy at the club, often. If they have a job during the week then the club will be their stomping ground on the weekend. They know the bouncers, bartenders, dancers, and probably the DJs. The club is their domain and their job is to party. This guy will always be the last one to leave the club as partying is their semi-profession.

9. The Happy One

This club guy is my favorite one of all. They are there to have a few drinks, dance with friends, and just overall have a good time. They dance with other people and they intermingle their old friends with their new found club friends. You will always find a smile on their face and that is why they are my favorite. There isn’t a hidden agenda to find a woman. They come to the club to have a good time.


I hope you enjoyed my list. Whether you agree or not, it’s cool. Maybe the next time I go to the club I will write about the types of female club goers.

Until then, party on and be safe!