Northern Taiwan: Mother & Daughter

April 19-22, 2015

My mom had gotten so many texts or phone calls from me about my ventures in Taipei, but she was finally going to get to go there for herself.

We arrived to Taipei on Sunday morning and dropped off our luggage at the hotel. I immediately took her to the MRT so we could go and see Chiang Kai Shek Memorial before lunch. The memorial was cool as always and we made it just in time to see the changing of the guards. For lunch I took her to Bella Epoche and treated her to my favorite Pearl Milk Tea pancakes.

We then spent the afternoon touring the Lin An Tai Historical House and Museum. The gist of the place was that it was a historical home that covered a decent sized piece of land, especially for Taipei. There were several models dressed in traditional clothing that were taking pictures or being interviewed around the house. I wondered if there was a connection or were they just using the location because it was cool.

Finishing plans for that day early we were able to pop over to the cheap movie theater in Taipei to look up movie times. We still had a couple hours until the movie so I walked my mom around the night market in the area. It was just beginning so not all of the stands were open yet. Being Taipei it started to pour down rain. We had to buy an umbrella and go back to the theater. We watched “Wild” and then went back to our hotel once the movie was over.

Waking up the next day we ate breakfast at our hotel. It was traditional Chinese breakfast, and to our shock it was a huge amount of food. My mom and I could have shared just one. I felt bad that I was wasting food, but I couldn’t eat another bite. After breakfast my mom and I took the MRT and bus to Wulai. Wulai is a small village town in the mountain of Northern Taiwan. It is famous for its’ traditional art that the tribe in the area provides, the natural hot springs, and the waterfall.

Not wanting to wait for the small train that could take us to the waterfall we just walked to it. It was a nice day and the area was so green. It was a nice waterfall and now I could add it to the list of waterfalls I had seen in Taiwan. We walked back to the village and ate Indian food for lunch. It was delicious! We knew we had to go into the hot springs before we left Wulai. We found a hot spring building with private rooms for a reasonable price and spent the next couple of hours soaking and relaxing in the warm water. Leaving the hot spring was hard, but we wanted to go back to Taipei.

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Back in Taipei my mom treated me to a Starbucks drink and a IKEA trip. Afterwards we had dinner and then just relaxed the rest of the evening. While it was great seeing a ton of things with my dad and sister it was also nice to just relax and spend time talking to my mom.

We went back to our hotel and got ready for dinner. I was going to take my mom to a dumpling restaurant. She didn’t want to wait in line at Din Tai Fung, so we went to a restaurant closer to our apartment. My mom loved the food and she was using chopsticks like a champ!

It was Tuesday and the last full day with my mom. We did one last shopping trip to H&M. I was so excited for this! H&M was one of my favorite stores in the states and a store had finally opened up in Taipei. I didn’t know the next time I would be in Taipei so I just had to go.

Shopping Spree Smile!

Shopping Spree Smile!

After our little shopping trip we went back to our hotel and got ready for our spa appointment. We both enjoyed massages and facials. With both of us very relaxed we got to spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing and then getting ready for dinner.

I took my mom to The Lobster Bar that my dad and I had eaten at. The food was good, but I was starting to get sad that my mom was leaving.

The next morning I had to send my off in a cab to the airport. That was one of the harder goodbyes. I had gotten to talk to my mom about so many things and our conversations got to be more than a Facetime chat or phone call. I walked to the MRT and train with tears in my eyes. My mom was gone but I felt very blessed to have seen her.