Family in Taiwan: Round 2

April 15th-18th, 2015

I was very lucky to have not one, but three of my family members visit me in Taiwan. I had already spent a week with my dad and sister in March and my mom was visiting in April.

My mom’s trip to Taiwan started off a little rough. I was supposed to pick-up my mom up at the airport at 6:30pm, but I double-checked later and realized I didn’t need to be there until 8:30pm. I am officially very slow at reading a 24-hour-clock. Back on track with the right time I received a message from my mom telling me that she missed her connecting flight from Japan to Taiwan. Since I am not there there is nothing I can do, so I just sat there very worried and waited for updates. After an hour or two my mom informed me that she got a different flight and she will be arriving in Taiwan at 12:15am. I get in contact with my CT who helps me get a taxi to drive me to the airport and then drive my mom and I back to Fengyuan once she arrives. Seeing my mom walk out of the baggage claim area brought such a warmth to my heart. She was safe in Taiwan and I finally got to hold her in my arms. We promptly made our way to the taxi and went to my apartment.

By the time I got us settled in I was exhausted and already feeling a cold coming on. With such a late night I got a total of four hours of sleep.

In the morning, I took my mom to my favorite breakfast shop and we ate some breakfast bagels and then went to my branch. My mom was going to spend the day watching me teach. I was very happy that she was finally going to get to see me do what I do for my job. The first class she watched was my yo-yo class. They had just learned the word “mommy” a couple weeks ago and they were using it as much as they could! Some of the kids, whenever they had the chance, would yell “Mommy Mommy” and wave at my mom. I didn’t worry about it too much because they always get distracted by the simplest things.

After my class was over I took my mom to lunch at a Thai restaurant located in Fengyuan. There my mom got to eat Thai food for the first time. We were both feeling exhausted so we took an hour to go to my apartment and take a nap. Awake and feeling a little better I drove us back to the school where my mom watched me teach my Science class. It wasn’t as exciting as my yo-yo class, but she still got to see the different age groups that I teach.

Next, I took my mom to see Arasan, my massage/chiropractor. She loved his technique! Arasan is great at moving the muscles in your body to help re-align your bones. A trip to Arasan after a long flight is exactly what anyone needs. We said goodbye to Arasan and made our way to dinner.

I took my mom to a shabu shabu hotpot restaurant where the selections for hotpot are unlimited. We both had some interesting broths. It wasn’t my mom’s favorite, but I am still glad that I had her try it because it is a classic meal in Taiwan. Jetlag was starting to settle in so we went back to my apartment and got ready for bed.

Friday morning we woke up to embrace a beautiful day at Sun Moon Lake. We took the bus to the lake and immediately got off to seek out some kind of food. We finally stopped at a restaurant located inside one of the hotels. There we enjoyed a delicious meal with a view of the lake in front of us.

After food we rented a scooter and I started driving my mom around the lake. We stopped at all the best spots and made sure to buy some traditional Taiwanese snacks in the afternoon before getting back on the bus to Taichung.

In Taichung, we took a taxi to the original bubble tea house, Chun Shui Tang, and ate a delicious meal there. My mom thought the bubble milk tea was alright. I don’t think she was really a fan of the tapioca balls. With full bellies we went back home.

Up early in the morning on Saturday we ate breakfast and then got on the train to head to Tainan. Having walked Tainan on a four hour temple tour I decided that wasn’t the best idea for my mom. Instead, I took her to the main sites, Tainan Confucius Temple and Chihkan Tower, and showed her the cool architecture of Tainan. She then treated me to a new pair of Nikes and lunch at an unlimited pizza place. Finishing up our day unexpectedly fast I switched our return tickets to an earlier train and we headed back up to Fengyuan. I took my mom to Shark Bites Toast where we enjoyed a desert waffle and Papaya Milk, my mom’s first time trying it.


The day trip to Tainan concluded her time spent in Central Taiwan. We packed our bags and got ready to head up North to Taipei.