Taichung Night Life

January 24th, 2015


So if you don’t know this already I graduated from college in May 2014, which as my co-workers says, “I’m fresh off the boat”. Now I love to dance, but when I came to Taiwan I knew that I would have to decide: dancing and drinking or traveling. From my several posts I am sure you can tell I chose traveling. I had gone to 1,001 Nights in Taipei back in September, but I was getting antsy. I used to go to the bar once a week, drink cheap college (horrible) drinks, and dance until bar close at 2:00am. That life is gone in Taiwan, but I was about to revive it again for a night.

I asked Kristen and Laura to come along and Laura convinced her boyfriend, Sean, to come along as well. Kristen picked Room 18, a popular club in Taichung, and we made a plan to go on a Saturday night.

Here is all the information that I gathered from that evening:

1. Location is key! If you want a cheap club in Taichung you should go to one more near the train station. We were not at the cheap one. Since there was a special event going on the entrance fee was 800NT (26USD). This price includes the cover fee and two drink stubs. I have heard of other price ranges that vary from 100NT-1,000NT (3USD-30USD).

2. Bring your ID! Even if you are a foreigner and you look 18 years or older you still need your ID. I think this is so the club doesn’t have problems with minors, and just to play it safe.

3. Check in your coats! Cost is 50NT (1.70USD) and necessary unless you want to dance the night away in your warm coat.

4. Dress yourself son! If you are going to the club in Taiwan you need to dress to impress. My “hipster” outfit definitely made me stand out. While everyone else was in a black, white, or gray slinky dress and heels I was in a red shirt, crazy tights, and beige flats. Will this experience change my attire in the future? Probably not. My style is my style.

5. Don’t forget your older, wealthy boo! While waiting to get into the club at least 8 low riding flashy cars pulled up to the club. Out stepped older men and their younger looking companions. It was clear that wealth and prestige was involved.

6. Buying water isn’t worth it! The cost of water was so high that I might as well have just bought more alcohol. For two waters for me and Kristen it cost me 500NT (15USD)! She paid for the cab ride home due to this unexpected cost on my end.

7. Taiwanese like to party! Since moving to Taiwan I have to admit I don’t see as much “trashy” stuff as I did in the United States, and the party scene isn’t completely there. That is because you have to actually be where a party scene would take place. So if you are looking to have a good time that involves alcohol go to a bar, club, KTV party, or someones hosted party. I know you are probably like, well duh, but I say this because I just came from living in a college town where random drinking was everywhere and was kind of inescapable. At least in Taiwan if I want to actively be in that scene I need to seek it out, it isn’t right out on my doorstep.

8. Don’t plan on being home by 2:00am! Clubs are open until 4:00am or 6:00am, so your night doesn’t begin until 11:00pm in Taiwan. While I wasn’t trying to stay out so late it ended up happening because we were having such a good time.

9. House music, beware! We got lucky with our venture to the club. They played almost all music I would have heard at a club in the US. This makes it easy to sing and dance to. Some clubs in Taiwan may just play house music, which to me means you will be spending the whole night jumping up and down a lot.

10. Taxis are your friends! Drinking and driving is a serious offense in Taiwan, so don’t even bother. Taxis are a decent price in Taiwan. A ride from the middle of Taichung to Fengyuan cost 500NT (15USD).

IMG_0706 IMG_0707

Laura, Me, and Kristen

Laura, Me, and Kristen

This evening was a great time to just let loose and dance the night away. While expensive it is definitely something I want to indulge in every now and then. If you come to Taiwan I would definitely recommend checking out the night life. Especially since it is so safe here. Overall, have fun and be safe!