Do I Stay or Do I Go?


The month of February has been full of planning, traveling, and reflecting.

I have officially been in Taiwan for six months. It has been such a short time, but I still can’t believe that I am here and that I have actually gotten to live in Taiwan while teaching little kids English. I never would have said that this is my dream job, but it turned out to be pretty damn fun and I enjoy it very much. (Even the homework sometimes)

Now, my title of this piece is Do I Stay or Do I Go. I titled it that for a few reasons. As far as Taiwan goes, if my current job will offer me a second year contract in Taiwan I am going to stay for a second year. I have no doubts about that. The thing I have been struggling with is what to do with my vacation days and one month off once I re-sign my contract in August 2015. What my dream would be is to take my one month vacation and go tour Nepal and India. Then I would take my 14 vacation days and go tour Vietnam and Cambodia. All of this traveling means that I would not be returning to the United States to visit my family due to financial reasons. Do I feel guilty about this? You bet! I love my family, and they are very understanding, or get used to, my crazy antics and big dreamer life that I live. I know they would get around to understanding why I wouldn’t come home. Yet, I still can’t seem to let go of this little pang that I have in my heart. This means another year of no Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family. How I will miss them so, but if I can raise enough money I could be going on two awesome trips!

So…do I stay in Asia and check-out four cool countries, or do I go back and visit America?

My mind is pretty made up. Once I set my mind to a certain idea it is difficult to get me to change it. I want to stay and travel. My heart just needs to let go.