New Years Eve: Happy 2015!

December 31st, 2014


First and foremost I hope all of my friends, family and readers are happy and healthy. Wishing them a Happy New Year wherever in the world they may be. With New Years Eve kicking off my four-day weekend I was about to make the most of my free time.

I ended up having to teach a normal Wednesday. I even tried out the ol’ classic teacher joke: “See you next year”, but since English is their second language humor and sarcasm escape my students often. Most of them kind of just looked at me like, “where are you going?”.

With previous plans falling through I made new plans with my co-workers, and now friends, to have dinner at Chili’s in Taichung. I had never actually had Chili’s food in America so I was excited to eat a big burger and fries. At 9:00pm I met Laura, Kristen, and a little later, Sean, for dinner. I ordered the Guacamole Burger with fries and a Coke. There is no evidence of this meal because I was so hungry I wasted no time taking a picture. The meal was definitely one of the pricier ones that I have had since being in Taiwan: 500NT(15USD).

After dinner we walked around a nearby park. It was very lovely since there were lights dangling around the trees and the path. We then kind of just stood somewhere and talked for a good 45 minutes.

View of the park

View of the park

I don’t know what it was, but we decided to make our way back to our scooters and get ready to head on home. As we walked back to Tiger City people that had been on stage earlier with a microphone were now yelling with a big screen behind them counting down to midnight. It hit 12:00 and fireworks started going off from the top of Tiger City. It was an awesome surprise and a great way to end the night.

I think what was even more cool was what happened to the crowd after the fireworks finished. Not even 15 minutes after the fireworks show the crowd that had been blocking the whole street was dispersed and cars were able to drive down the road again. There was hardly any display of public drunkenness. It was a weird change up from what I have experienced in the United States.

Well, raise your glass to 2015! Here is to an awesome new year full of travel and adventure.