Art Stimulation: Rainbow Village

November 15th, 2014

I love doing things on the weekends here in Taiwan. There is always stuff to do and the weather is nice so I never have to worry about it ruining my plans. I had spent the whole week convincing myself that I should go to Sun Moon Lake, but by the time Friday rolled around I knew that wasn’t what I wanted to do. I really just wanted to look at some art instead of walk around in nature. With this in mind I made plans with my friend in Beitun (a district near Taichung) to meet up on Saturday and hangout.

I woke up around 11:00am on Saturday and slowly got ready. I was already in a good mood by the time I was out the door because it was cool enough outside for me to wear a scarf; my favorite accessory and clothing item.

By the time I made it to breakfast at Shark Bites Toast I realized it was going to be a slow, leisurely day and called my friend, Anthony, letting him know that I still hadn’t left Fengyuan yet. Finishing up my coffee I got onto my scooter and drove 40 minutes to the Nantun District. In Nantun there is an adorable little “village” with a sidewalk and about 4 or 5 little homes called Rainbow Village. This little area was painted from head-to-toe with different bright colors by an elderly man. The original painter was not there that day but I was able to buy a postcard and watch a man, dressed in a colorful outfit and Ironman helmet, sing and play on his painted guitar. Walking around the village took less than an hour because it is so small, but its’ quaint features made the drive totally worth it.

Once I was finished walking around Rainbow Village I scooted into Taichung to the National Museum of Fine Arts. There I met up with Anthony and we walked around the museum. Neither of us had been to this particular museum before so when no one stopped us to pay an entry fee we were a little confused. We walked through the entrance door thinking that if we had to pay something someone would stop us. The museum was very pleasant with both exhibits to just look at and interactive exhibits as well. Anthony received his degree in design so he was explaining to me the different techniques that artists use when creating their pieces. While it is difficult for me to imagine that someone put that much thought process into a painting or piece so consciously I could respect what Anthony was trying to say/explain.

After touring all the of the museum we scooted to an art supply store so Anthony could search for art supplies. We then headed out to Mode Mall, located near the Taichung Train Station, where we planed on watching “Interstellar” that evening. We wandered around the mall a bit and then decided it was time to eat.

We ate at one of the restaurants in that mall that was geared towards family style. It was wayyyy overpriced for me, but I was willing to eat where Anthony wanted to eat. We got to pick what we wanted to eat from a cart of food. Anthony picked chicken feet as one of our first courses. Chicken feet are considered a delicacy in Taiwan; a delicacy that I have been avoiding. Anthony convinced me that I should try them. I am sure I insulted the whole restaurant and Taiwanese culture with the look that I had on my face while I was eating (attempting to eat) the chicken feet. About halfway through one foot I announced I was done and Anthony just shook his head at me. There is a short video of me eating the chicken feet, but it is so bad that I would rather not have the public eye see it. The rest of the meal was very good. We had an assortment of dumplings, barbecue pork bun, and rice. The bill came out to about 1000NT (30USD), which is on the pricey end of a meal for two, for Taiwan.

Chicken Feet & Dumplings

Chicken Feet & Dumplings

After dinner we went downstairs to buy tickets, pick-up our snacks, and wait for the theater to open for “Interstellar”. My co-workers had gone earlier that day and had warned me that it was almost 3 hours long. The price of two movie tickets, one medium popcorn, two medium sodas, two large churros, and a chocolate bun came out to the equivalent of almost 1,000NT (30USD). I couldn’t believe how much I had just gotten for 15USD. I could maybe get one movie ticket and a small popcorn for that price in the US. Overall, it was a pleasant movie theater experience. “Interstellar” was a good movie and I got to eat salty theater popcorn (yum yum!).

After the film I drove Anthony to his bike and then scooted back to Fengyuan.

It had been a great day of art stimulation!