Haircut *Snip, Snip

November 13th, 2014

I have severe/weird problems with getting my haircut. I always have a lot of anxiety that the hairdresser isn’t going to listen to what I instructed them to do. This leading into images of me with lopsided hair or horrible, jagged bangs. I also HATE small talk with people that are perfect strangers to me; it is so awkward. It makes me even more anxious when the hairdresser is talking a lot because all I can think about is that they aren’t paying attention to how much hair they are cutting off.

With all of these weird anxieties about haircuts you can only imagine how much my heart was palpitating when I decided that I needed to get my hair trimmed. (I think I would have put off another haircut for four more months if I hadn’t been dreading washing my hair and its’ icky ends every other day.) Most hairdressers in Taiwan cannot speak English, which even furthered my anxiety about what I was about to do.

I asked one of my co-workers to write down on a piece of paper what I wanted done to my hair. Another co-worker also suggested a place that she goes to get her hair done. We both have curly, brownish hair so that made me feel better.

The plan was to go to Happy Hair, in Fengyuan, after I got off of work. Forewarned that I may be at the salon for two hours I grabbed some McDonald’s (I had a huge craving for french fries), and went to Happy Hair. There I found a sign on the door saying they wouldn’t be open until tomorrow. “Shit!”, was all I could think. I had finally convinced myself to go and they weren’t even open! Just my luck. I went home and when I thought of another place I could maybe go to I forced myself to get onto my scooter and just go.

I walked into the salon and knew immediately that they couldn’t speak any English. I handed the woman my piece of paper and she nodded her head and gestured for me to sit. What happened after that was the most pleasant haircut experience I have ever had.

One woman washed my hair, and when I say washed I mean washed. At least 15 minutes of scrubbing, rubbing, massaging, scratching, and shampooing occurred. If you love getting a head massage you will love getting your haircut in Taiwan. Next was the haircut. She did exactly what I had Alice write on the paper. It was great! Plus, I didn’t have to participate in any silly, awkward smalltalk. With my hair all cut the hairdresser then blow dried it into a semi-straight fashion. I haven’t seen my hair straight in 4 months so this was super exciting for me.

All finished, I paid a total of 299NT (10USD) for a wash, haircut, and style. This whole process took a little less than an hour as well. I got my haircut and I couldn’t be more pleased with it. Crisis averted!