Fresh Air

November 9th, 2014


It is amazing what a little fresh air can do for someone. I feel like since my blog is an online version of a journal about my life in Taiwan there will be a lot about my moments of homesickness. It is only natural to miss home when you are in a foreign country. It is even more confusing when your new home is starting to become more familiar and comfortable, but yet you miss little things from your old home. It is a constant battle with myself to remember when I miss my friends and my family that I wouldn’t see them that much if I was back home anyways because I would have moved again and lived in a different city. It is also a struggle to remind myself that I have new hobbies now and a new way of life. I can’t cook myself food so I need to accept my new way of obtaining food, and etc. My homesickness isn’t super painful. I don’t cry for home or feel super sad, but there are these weird pangs of longing that I get every now and then.

I was sick again this week and I worked 30 hours, so I was tired every single night I got home. I was fine at work, but when I got home I kind of looked around my apartment and wished it was back in the states. Of course I have the ability to message and chat with my friends and family back home, but sometimes it just isn’t the same. I long for a familiar hug or a gentle smile. Because I was so tired and kind of sick I figured it would be a good idea for me to stay in Fengyuan that weekend. Besides going out for dinner I spent all my time at home either Youtube-ing videos, binge watching Game of Thrones, and of course blogging. By Sunday I was all couped up and wasn’t in the best mood. I went for a walk and found a little walking path, a couple restaurants I wanted to try, and a park along the river. If you ever come to Taiwan you will understand the saying “little treasures” perfectly. These little treasures are pocketed all around Taiwan. I have scooted past these paths and parks a couple times, but had never really noticed them. Yet, there they are. I walked around for an hour enjoying the cool, fresh air and the new playlist I had created on my iPod the day before.

Maybe this week was a little rough, and maybe I won’t always be 100% happy with where I am, but at least I will have the little treasures.