Halloween 2014

October 31st, 2014

The end of October was finally here! Back in the states I was never really a fan of Halloween the older I got. It is not that I dislike it, it just isn’t my favorite holiday. Teaching Halloween was a lot of fun though! I spent all week teaching Halloween vocabulary, songs, and stories to my yo-yo class. It was so cute seeing the little ones sing “Trick o Treat”. My class had a pumpkin theme, so we made pumpkin crafts during fun time Monday-Wednesday. On Thursday the whole kindy watched: “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” movie. It was awesome to see a film so old and in English make all of the kids laugh so much. On Wednesday, my Tree House 5 students were rewarded for finishing 3 units and a test with a movie. In the Halloween spirit we watched Hocus Pocus. I love, love, love that movie so I thought it was great. I also spent a majority of the week trying to throw together a costume for very cheap. Taiwan stores have very basic costumes like witches and monsters, but most of them are for children, so I had to get creative.

On Friday, all of the classes went trick-o-treating. Beforehand me and some of the other teachers performed a short skit that I made about a bee that didn’t have any friends to go trick-o-treating with, so she went to find friends and then went trick-o-treating (look for me on Broadway in 2 years haha). The yo-yo kids were too small to go outside so we just walked around the school instead. I had the kids sing songs and play a game. Honestly, the whole thing was quite a struggle because I was the one telling them what to do in English (a language they barely understand), and they were confused why they had to wear costumes, and they were just plain shocked that they got to go outside of their classroom and their parents were there too. Once I handed out all of the candy I allowed picture time for the parents and then we went back into the classroom. It was fun for how much work it was to get the kids to focus. It was ridiculously hot and humid that day so everyone was happy, sweaty, and tired by the end of it.

That evening I went to a co-workers place for a Halloween movie marathon. We chatted, ate snacks, drank a little, and watched movies. It was a chill night after a long week.

Caution: a huge amount of cuteness is displayed below! 🙂

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