October 13th-17th, 2014

I have been in Taiwan for 3 months now, and it has been a lot of fun! But, with all of that fun there have been a few mishaps and frustrations along the way. Most recently I have been dealing with being sick. I have gotten sick a lot here. First, it was a head cold, and then I got another head cold, and then I lost my voice and was having inner ear problems, and then I vomited in Taroko Gorge over my long weekend. Well, out of all the times I have gotten sick throwing up and having stomach aches and stomach problems for a week has probably the worst experience of them all. I think the biggest reason why it was the worst is because I had to be picky with what I ate, and because I couldn’t eat a lot I had very low energy. Adjusting to a new country has been a little rough on my immune system as you can see, and I work with little crazies that like to sneeze and cough on me because they do not know that that is rude yet.

My ranting about being sick aside; it was a tough couple of days this week. When you are sick it just sucks, but when you are sick and away from home it starts affecting you on a physical and emotional level. I have lived away from home for 7 years now, but being away from America and being sick just stabs my heart a little bit. All I want to do is warm up in my fluffy zebra blanket, watch ‘New Girl’ re-runs while laying on my memory foam mattress, and call-up my friends to bring me some soup. None of those things, or people, are in Taiwan, so it is all on my own and all up to me here in Taiwan. Having stomach problems also does not help because then I am just mad at the food in Taiwan and all the oil it contains. It comes down to the harsh reality that I need to calm down and just “roll with the punches”. 1. It is not Taiwan’s fault that I am sick. 2. I will get better if I take care of myself. 3. Home will still be there, sick or not. 4. I wouldn’t feel good or want to be in a strange place if I was sick in America either.

While I do miss home a bit being sick puts my homesickness on a whole other level. I just need to remind myself that I will get better and that I should still love Taiwan even if I don’t feel the best at the moment. I was (home)sick, but now I do feel better.

Shout out to all those expats out there that are living adventurous lives in a new country! If you are not feeling well go pop some Vitamin C and get some rest. You deserve to wake up the next day ready to go outside and explore without feeling like crap. Don’t let being sick or homesick get you down!