Yoga and The Taxi

September 20, 2014

For the first time in a few weeks I actually spent the weekend in Fengyuan. The Taichung area HESS planned a free movie for Sunday and I signed up to go. I figured it would help my pocketbook over the weekend, and also free movie! Little did I know that a typhoon was coming towards Taiwan. On Saturday they decided to postpone the movie until Sunday, October 5th.

Now the idea of a typhoon really freaks me out, which is strange because I grew up in the Midwest of the United States where there are tornadoes, blizzards, and below freezing temperatures. When people talk about a typhoon in Taiwan they might as well be saying that I am going to drown in water it freaks me out that much.

With no signs of the typhoon yet I planned on remaining at home for the weekend…until I left because I was bored.

At 8:00am on Saturday I was up and ready to go to a 9:00am Yoga class that Alice had convinced me to go to. With the cost being only 140NT (4.66USD) I figured if I didn’t like the class I at least wouldn’t be out that much money. The whole class was in Chinese but I still enjoyed it and on a scale of yoga difficulty it was pretty easy.

After yoga I stopped at a shop that is called Fresh Brunch. I was able to get some scrambled eggs, a version of french toast, and a latte for fairly cheap. It was so good to just have some breakfast that I would normally eat back in the states.

I then spent the rest of the day just chilling, reading, practicing chords on my guitar, laundry, you know, all those adult things, until I had to get ready for dinner with a friend.

My friend Anthony, that I met through HESS, lives two train stops down from me. It costs only 15NT (0.50USD) to visit him. The train is so much faster than my scooter too. We had made plans to eat Indian food, but they were all full so we went to a hotpot place instead. “Splurging” we ordered the Signature Seafood Hotpot. For 180NT (6USD) each we definitely got our moneys worth.


Photo Credit: Anthony

After dinner we walked and then cabbed back to his place because it finally started to rain. We ended up chilling for a couple more hours until I needed to catch the train back home. Now it is easier to cab to Taiyuan station than walk so Anthony put me in a cab and said “Taiyuan train station” to the cab driver in Chinese and the cab driver repeated back in agreement. Well instead of taking me to the Taiyuan station the cab driver took me to the Taichung station. By the time I realized what was happening it was too late and I was not very happy because I knew that the cab driver had just swindled me. 190NT (6.33USD) later I was at the Taichung train station. Not very happy about what had just happened I bought some chocolate, a train ticket and waited for the local train to arrive. Most people in Taiwan are kindhearted and helpful, and then others just screw you over because you look like a foreigner.

At least I had a nice evening with a new friend.