1 Month Training

September 16, 2014

In order for me to receive the HESS TEFL certificate I have to fulfill certain requirements set by the company. One of the requirements is to attend all of the trainings that they provide and finish the homework for the trainings. I begrudgingly finished my homework the way I was supposed to and headed to my one month training in Taichung.

The only good thing about having follow-up trainings is it is a nice little reminder of how long I have been in Taiwan. Like, “oh cool, I have been in Taiwan for a month and I am still alive!”. Because I was scooting both me and a fellow co-worker to training through morning traffic it took an hour to get there. Then it was full mode training time for 6 hours with a little time to catch-up with other NSTs that I had met during initial training.

Ask us what we really think about training...

Ask us what we really think about training…

After training Pasqualle and I chatted over where we wanted to go in Taichung, and then hopped onto my scooter to visit the Taichung Folklore Park. Now Google is kind of a piece of shit sometimes. It isn’t like in America where it can take you anywhere. In Taiwan you can use Google and it is fairly helpful, but it doesn’t know how to read the addresses accurately. What Google said was the Folklore Park looked like a tiny block of grass where dogs go to poop. Pasqualle and I figured it was down the street since we were not seeing the correct numbers on the buildings. Sure enough it was! I parked my scooter and we started walking around an old building and little piece of land. The park is supposed to be a representation of what living in the late Chinese Qing Dynasty was like. It was obvious that this was a representation of the more wealthier Chinese people. There is also an artifacts museum in the basement of the building as well. Along the building is a nice Koi fish pond where you can pay 10NT to feed the fish.

According to the website we were supposed to pay 50NT to visit the park, but with no where to put money and no one stopping us we got to visit the park for free.

Now comes one of the most embarrassing moments in my entire stay in Taiwan. With Pasqualle and I on my scooter I accidentally backed up to far and got my scooter stuck in a hole right next to the sidewalk. (Sidewalks are not for walking in Taiwan; they are for parking scooters) Pasqualle got off and instead of me getting off the scooter as well I just added some acceleration to my scooter. This got me out of the hole, but also made me accidentally bump another scooter, which fell over, and proceeded to make two other scooters fall over. I do not have my driver’s license yet (which could be a sign), so all I could do was say “oh my god” over and over again while Pasqualle and I quickly picked up the scooters and put them on their stands. As we are doing this a Taiwanese man comes over quickly to help us, as if he is helping us clean up the scene of the crime. My head was torn between wait until the owners got there and apologize for what I did or get the hell out of there! I chose the latter with Pasqualle and I scooting away as quickly as possible. All I have to say about that event was thank goodness the scooters weren’t new. Any scratches that I may have added would probably go unrecognized. Scooter fail on my part!

Scooting away from my embarrassing moment I took Pasqualle to the Feng Chia Night Market. I had been there before so it was great to get to see all the places to shop again. I was able to get a cute little purse, fake TOMS, and some crazy comfy sweatpants for all less than 30USD.

Things I wished I had purchased at the night market:

Carved wooden pens

Carved wooden pens

These two little ones were not even the cutest puppies this shop had!

These two little ones were not even the cutest puppies this shop had!

After walking around a fair majority of the night market it was time to drop Pasqualle off at the train station. This is where the fun began. Around this time I had about 11% left on my phone’s battery. My GPS had been draining it with all the trips I had been making that day and now I needed to get home fast. I hadn’t drove home from the train station yet, so I really wasn’t sure where to go. I figured it could make it home before my phone died. Wrong! Around Tanzi, which is 15 minutes away from my apartment, my phone dies and I miss the turn I need to take. Not knowing what to do I stop at a Family Mart and sign language for them to help me by plugging my phone in. I spend the next 30 minutes rage writing in a notebook about my phone because I literally have nothing else to do. After 30 minutes I ask for my phone back and get on my scooter again. It has only charged 15% so I really needed to get home. I booked it back to Fengyuan and made it back to my apartment with 2% left on my battery.

Whether it is training, parks, or driving my scooter fun events seem to follow me everywhere.