Where am I: Minnesota or Taiwan?

Is my Taiwanese apartment in Lawrence Hall?


This post is going to be confusing for those who do not know me personally from my college years, but I will try to explain the best I can.


When I was going to university back in the United States I was a Community Advisor (CA) in a dormitory called Lawrence Hall for two years. A CA is the equivalent of a Residential Assistant, or someone that helps the residents of a dormitory and also plans events in the dormitory (that is my VERY shortened version of what is actually all involved in the job). I lived in that hall for 2 years and it was great! It was an international dorm and I met people from all around the world, ate great food, and had a blast staying up late at night with my new friends. Since I was a CA I had the perk of having my own room. Now it is two years later and I have a studio efficiency apartment in Fengyuan, Taiwan. What you think would be a grown-up apartment sometimes seems more like a really nice dorm room. It often reminds me a lot of living in Lawrence Hall. So, I thought it would be funny, and honestly kind of dorky, to create a list of the reasons why I feel like I am living in Lawrence Hall and not my Taiwanese apartment.


  1. Two beds
  2. No roommate
  3. Came fully furnished
  4. With cable and internet
  5. I have my own air conditioner
  6. I have my own sink
  7. No kitchen in my room
  8. Laundry is communal
  9. So is the trash
  10. Hair is ALWAYS in the bathroom (Lawrence Hall females know the struggle)
  11. Sometimes there is water on the entire bathroom floor (I just don’t wear socks in my apartment ever)
  12. I can hear EVERYTHING that happens in the hallway and the stairs
  13. If I get locked out I have to call my landlord (KEY-IN PLEASEEE)
  14. There is a place to park my bike
  15. An elevator (I know…wow haha)
  16. Communal drinking fountain
  17. My room has a mini fridge (like most college students)
  18. My neighbors and I share a mailbox (just like you do with a roommate)
  19. There is a phone here for someone to call me (at least they are not calling for a key-in haha)
  20. There is craft and school supplies everywhereeeeee (Teacher life and CA life sometimes feels the same)
  21. School books are the norm (only this time it is my teacher’s guides)
  22. I have to make posters and decorate
  23. No pets allowed
  24. Naps are a regular thing here
  25. I have to go out of my apartment to find food. The venture is not always welcome.
  26. Maintenance requests: just as annoying and troublesome
  27. Creative organization is still essential