The Tale of the Scooter

August 31, 2014


I LOVE my scooter! The amount of convenience that comes along with a motorized vehicle in Taiwan is amazing. I personally hate cars here because they get in the way and they are slow. If you have a scooter you can drive past a car to the front of the traffic line, and with a scooter you can make your way down alleyways that would never allow a car to pass through.

As I mentioned before I do not have a kitchen, so I have been looking on a Facebook page called “Taichung Swap Shop” for cheap kitchen supplies that people are selling. I found another foreigner in Fengyuan that was selling her toaster oven and other supplies. After chatting a bit she asked me if I wanted other kitchen and cleaning supplies and I quickly replied, “YES!”.

We planned to meet at the train station at 12:00 noon and go to her place to sort out the things I wanted. I ended up buying a toaster oven, plates, utensils, pots and pans, two blankets, soap, shampoo, conditioner, hangers, and a few other random things for 1,200NT (40USD). This was a steal compared to what I would have paid for these items in the store or in the United States.

Now none of this really matters because what happened next was the most “Taiwanese” thing I have done to this day. In order to transport all of these things back to my apartment we put them in bags, and I proceeded to situate them onto my scooter so I would only have to make one trip back to my apartment (why waste the gas?).

This is what I looked like…

"This is the dorkiest most wonderful photo of you" -Bre Moulder

“This is the dorkiest most wonderful photo of you” -Bre Moulder

I made it home in one piece, but I couldn’t help but share this photo with everyone I knew afterwards. Turning was a bit of a challenge, but I survived. My good friend from Minnesota said, “This is the dorkiest most wonderful photo of you”, and I couldn’t agree more.

Just a little scooter knowledge for everyone. To fill my scooter it costs about 100NT (3.33USD). The most I have to fill my scooter is once a week, so I am paying less than 15USD a month for basic transportation. It is pretty rad!

Oh, and I can cook something if I am tired of street market food.